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HPA Fittings Warning

Started by steveoh, November 22, 2021, 10:39:40 AM

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HPA fittings warning if you have a pcp you need to read this!

QuoteThis is a HPA fittings warning for anyone who either has – or is thinking of getting – a PCP airgun. It's been a voyage of discovery for me...

The important points are these:

1. Contrary to what "everyone" says, there is no standard for these quick disconnect fittings.

2. You need to inspect your fittings TODAY as they can become damaged with use. I found one and it's frightened me!
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I whole heartedly agree! Mr. Stephen Archer (H.A.M. owner) has done an incredible job of putting into words and photos, a looming danger for all PCP users.

While it is true, that some PCP airgunners are casual users, I for one am not! My FX Impact, MkII has had over 20,000 rounds shot through it. And every single refill was through a Foster fitting! In fact, the male fitting on the Mk II was replaced at about the 14,000 round mark, due to deformation in the locking collar. My new Mk III is not a week old, and it has already seen 400+ rounds. I suspect folks like Matt Dubber and Ted Bier are as active. Whether you are or not, it behooves all of us to be safe, and thus regularly check all of our pressure fittings.

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