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I knew better

Started by Whatsquirrel, February 28, 2021, 03:31:47 PM

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I've got a couple of bee hives at the back of my property & have been feeding them pretty regularly since all this funny weather. Well the golf cart has been dead the last few times to feed them so I thought I'll just take the Libby. We did great the first few times, but today!!! As I came around the 2nd pond I looked & thought this is probably not the best idea today!! I mean I was in my church clothes ready for church & everything. Well that didn't stop me, I shrugged my shoulders & hung on. Half way through though the trail we just stopped. And she is still sitting there this evening. I'll try & get her out tomorrow maybe.


Oh well it happen to everybody at one time or the other.  I feel for you


Even the guys who drive Sherp ATVs get them stock once in a while.


I have a Hill EC-3000 compressor. If you're a fellow Guild member, and you pass through Roswell, NM, I'll fill your tank as a courtesy (4,250 PSI limit).


Oh, ouch!

When I was a young(er) feller living in Florida, I was fearless driving my 75 Honda Civic into the Orange groves looking for small lakes to fish. I was often rewarded with fantastic fishing for Specs, Bluegills, StumpKnockers, Warmouth, Pumpkin Seeds, and Large Mouth Bass. The stringers of fish I brought home were YUGE! The bounty was shared and joy abounded.

I often got stuck in the sand, but pretty quickly figured out how to get myself out, and how to avoid getting stuck in the first place. One day I paid the price, when I went a little too close to the edge of a lake I'd previously hit the jackpot on. I got stuck in mud, and ended up on the frame.  Couldn't find anyone home to help me out of my predicament, so without a pot to pee in, called for a wrecker.

Dude showed up and cursed when he saw the Orange grove. Well, he scratched his head, then shrugged, threw up his hands and sighed.  With me in the passenger seat, he edged up to the sand, and floored it as he entered the grove.

He drove WOT, until we got to the lake. Backed up on the transition from sand to mud where it was still firm, pulled his cable and hitched to the transport hooks underneath the Orange Civic, seemingly a long distance away. Yanked the Civic out, then hooked up the car to the truck. Gave a mighty handful of throttle and kept it wide open the whole way out of the grove. We came really close to getting stuck several times, but the dude knew his stuff and kept us on top of the sand most of the way.

I don't think I ever got stuck in the groves again. Of course the keyword here is think, as memory has a way of fooling you. When you're 20, life is an adventure and foolish escapades are frequent.

Good thing there aren't any orange groves around here with secret lakes, as I have a powerful itch that needs scratching.

So, yeah. Been there, done that.
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