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The Airgun Gurus and their reviews

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I'm wondering about the Airgun Gurus and their Reviews on YouTube and elsewhere, and contemplating which of these Gurus get paid to do their reviews, and which ones get free airguns and other stuff, and how biased or not they are in their reviews.

Recently there was a plethora of reviews of the the FX M3 Impacts. Overnight they came out of the woodwork. There was a lot of super positive feedback and not a whole lot of negative feedback. Actually I'd be hard pressed to recall any griping what-so-ever.

I really don't care if the reviewers are making money or getting free 2,000 + airguns. They tend to work hard at giving us all new videos to watch and articles to read. But it would be more honest to disclose what their arrangements are, glowing reports or not.

What say you? Should the Airgun Gurus disclose their relationships with the companies that provide airguns to review?


Here is my take.

Three or four folks standout in the review world. Obviously Matt Dubber, and two of his buddies in South Africa are at the top of the list. Both Matt and Gerhardt got their Mk3s before anyone I know. That said, I also noted that Utah Airguns had videos posted before the actual FX announcement. I suspect most DID NOT get paid, but were allowed to receive airguns at a reduced price. Unfortunately, no one on this site even got a discount! However, there are a dozen or so guys who probably followed suit, with their reviews, just so they personally would look as important than the others. Although, I also believe that is a false sense of satisfaction.

I have been toying with buying the Mk3 version of the FX Impact, but two things have stopped me. One, a second regulator is already in the work for the Impact MK2. I ordered one, but the delivery is out about three weeks. And, the newer "bottle" is supposed to be rated at 300 BAR. If the truth be known, the original bottle could be safely pumped up to 300 BAR (most carbon fiber wrapped bottles can be without issues), the second regulator is probably the stumbling block. I have pumped up my Mk2 to 300 BAR, and everything worked as it should. Nonetheless, I think the second regulator will stop any long-term damage.

As for the other airguns out there. It is my firm belief, that just about every other airgun out there, isn't much more than a reboot of existing hardware. It is sort of like... How is it possible to out engineer an original Mouser design, yet make it unique? You can't! So we have an air container, a valve, a hammer to strike the valve, and some sort of cocking device. Bullpup stock aren't new. Combination Picatinny/11mm rails aren't new. And not much else is either. But...

Let's look at AirForce airguns. No one in the industry, has an axial-flow valve. If there is someone who has, I don't know about it. The same can be said for FX. While their FX Impact series have some sort of  unique features, they still stand alone as no one has even tried to duplicate any of their features. Who else can you thing of, with the magazine capacity of the Impact? So what else has come up?

I am all but appalled at the notice of having fully-automatic. PCP airguns! What possible use are they, except being an anarchist? AThe same can be said about look-alike CO2 pistols. They're worthless for anything except indoor take shooting, and even then, their similarity to the real things, is moot!

All I want to know is... Where are those talented engineers, who are in the process of designing something truly new? What we need is, another John Browning type who is interested in airguns!

Another John Moses Browning is a very very tall order, just consider his designs are still relevant today.   

It's nice to get to see the new stuff via the Youtube fan boys, but it is clear they have created social media marketing businesses.

Good for them, but I certainly temper any purchasing decisions based on their advertising reviews.

I do give Steve at AEAC credit for showing is "clients" right up front in his videos.

While I'm sure some solid information is known and shared ... come end of the day IMO there serving only those who pay or support the products reviewed / spoken of.

AKA: INFLUENCER of which the web has far too many of !


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