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Mass Airgun bill update

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Well the house is voting on the Airgun bill ( H3476) tomorrow then it goes to the senate.
I urge all of you no matter where you live please sign the petition if you have not already done so.
Their is a instate petition as well as an out of state petition.
Also please help get the word out
Unfortunetly there is some confusion that this is a bill about airsoft that's not the case. I think that's because the petition is titled save mass airsoft. It's just called that because airsofters started the petition. Just wanted to clarify that.
It seems like they are trying to steam roll this through because no one knew about the vote until today .
Please remember if it happens here it can and probably will happen anywhere


Yup, that bill covers basically anything that fires a projectile by compressed air. It would probably cover nerf guns too if they made black ones.

Hi just found out they have made amnendments to the bill but don't know what they are.
Also a member from Gun Owners Action League will be there tomorrow.
Also there maybe a group from the Airgun industry forming to oppose this.
That's all I know for now


Wish I were closer, I'd be there to join in.

Thank you Sir


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