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Frank in Fairfield:
I had heard that they won’t ship air arms anymore.
I have shipped 20 or so in the past.
I tried to get information as to why.
The local FEDEX store said, “They are firearms”.
I explained they are not and no significant government thinks that.
Transfer, transfer, transfer: Three countries in the Pacific and two in the Atlantic.
I called USPS. Sure
I called UPS. Sure

I received an AG last week and it was shipped via Fedex ground.

Frank in Fairfield:
I believe you.
PA uses FEDEX..

I do not believe this is true. I just sent an airgun to a friend in Denver, and there was no issues period. In fact, I was ask if it was a firearm or airgun. Firearms no! Airguns yes!

Frank in Fairfield:
Alan, I hear you.
You know?


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