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« on: February 01, 2017, 05:11:29 PM »
I could make this "conversion" really long, but I'll save that for a future coffee klatch.

I bought a TSS from WAR to replace the SSG in my WARized .25 Marauder. While I was at it, I cleaned the barrel (really didn't need it), replaced several O-rings for good measure, and installed a new bolt detent assembly. I adjusted the TSS exactly like Travis suggested (although I played with the adjustment some), and was quite surprised at the outcome.

First, it is a whole lot easier to cock the gun and on par with my unmodified .22 caliber, Gen 1 Marauder. That is indeed a relief. The velocity dropped from where I had the SSG set up (≈880 FPS) down to ≈867 FPS. I could change springs and the the velocity back to where it was, but the truth is, the gun is more accurate and gets 50% more shots per fill than it did before. And, at 75 yards (the max I usually shoot), the POI is only .14 inches lower!

But the best thing is, the velocity is much more consistent. In fact, the first five shots I chronographed were all 867 FPS with only the tenths place changing. I thought something was amiss, so I rechecked the velocity the next morning, and got four out of five at 867! The one funny one (loose pellet?) was 869.

Was it worth the $70 I paid? You darn tooten'! My advise is, if you don't have a TSS for yours, GET ONE!

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