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So, I took a wee dip into the PCP pool last Tuesday and ordered a compressor (Y H) from *bay and damned if it isn't going to be here Tomorrow.  Didn't expect such quick delivery.  NOW I have to wait 2 more months before I can order the rifle of my choosing (Air Venturi Avenger).  I'm not a patient person; any suggestions?

What is you "second" choice for an airgun?

I'm really sold on the Avenger Alan, I haven't looked any further.  Guess it's a wait type situation. Not good for a Type A inpatient person.
I did look at a Gauntlet(sp) and a Marauder, but always came back to the Avenger.

Nothing wrong with the Avenger. It is just the .22 and .25 that are backordered. Got good reviews from Matt Dubber, sort of. He did point out 2 or 3 times, that it was an entry level PCP. Well... Yes, but it still shot well.

They are all backordered.  I did see Matt's Avenger review and it pretty much sold me.  I can afford a more expensive gun, but I feel the Avenger will do everything I'll need.
Thanks Alan.


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