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California Airgun Regulation Changes

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The State of California has a page on the Department of Fish and Wildlife website to allow for citizens to Petition for Regulation Change.

I'd like to collaborate with folks on writing up a petition to allow big game hunting with big bore airguns and big bore airgun arrow shooters.

Here's the site:

And here is the document for filing the petition:

on it

be advised...there is proposed legislation to prohibit LEAD from being used throughout California on/in public shooting ranges.

whether, or not, it applies to airguns, I do not know. it is lawful to use smaller caliber airguns to hunt small game with lead pellets at this time. keep in mind that California is a very unfriendly administration/state legislature towards shooting sports and firearms n general.

if there is a supply of non-lead ammo available, for the big bores, it may have a chance of succeeding.

I will sign petition.

 :( :-\

This is the elephant in the room in CA (lead)  Steveoh and I have talked at length in person about what you're describing. My fear is pushing for too much and/or what is more than likely unattainable, and in doing so drawing more attention and losing what we already have.

Unless there's a lead alternative that we as shooters come up with, I'm afraid that we CA airgun hunters are about as advanced as we are going to get with hunting opportunities. However, I'm putting together something to bring up the usage of air-driven arrows/bolts for big game hunting. No lead, and the lethality of a broadhead is equal to and likely much more so to big game than a lead bullet from an airgun.

Everyone at the top level of government, will have a different view. That said....

There are several alternatives to lead. Gold, osmium, depleted uranium, mercury, and a few others are heavier than lead. Most, like mercury are highly poisonous, others radioactive, and a few, rather toxic. Osmium is a lot heavier than lead, but like gold, very expensive. The truth is, lead is STILL the best ammo ingredient. Juxtaposed to this fact, is all of the environmental issues surrounding lead.

I'll buy that lead should be banned when hunting waterfowl, as water fowl tend to eat the lead, and we all know that ingesting lead is poisonous. But, if we're hunting regular game, say coyotes, and other vermin, what the hack difference does it make? It doesn't! But, if you're a tree hugger, then anything which has even a slight impact on the environment is unholy, nefarious, and down right regurgitous!

If we really want all of this left-wing crappola to stop, we need to set the record straight about the TRUE toxicity of all of the alternatives. One such alternative is tungsten. While it might not be toxic to humans, and the animals we hunt, it is VERY toxic to those folks who make ammunition incorporating it. God help us all!


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