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California Airgun Regulation Changes

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Personally leave it alone. It will be ruined for all of us. Right now lead is good with Airguns. Won’t be if we ask to hunt with them.

Is the banning of lead more about being a form of gun control and little to do with hunting and mother earth?  Afterall no need to ban a gun if you can't buy ammo for it. 

Here is the California synopsis:

Endangered condors (which is true...numbers are disastrously low) were supposedly dying from lead poisoning. The conclusion was that they were ingesting lead from either gut piles or wounded mammals or birds containing lead shot/bullets. California being the environmentally knee-jerk state that it is made an immdediate push to ban lead for hunting purposes. Target shooting was not affected.

I have tended to lean towards Archerhmr's theory. I'm afraid of a total ban on airguns using lead for hunting small vs. coming up with alternative solutions for the use of big bore to hunt large game. I think the former is too valuable to jeopardize to try to get legislation to expand the use of AG's.

Slippery slope. Not sure how to navigate it. Fighting the good fight and making sense is like Don Quixote jousting a windmill. I want to be the voice of reason, but at what cost?

Kevin fishes all the time, i am sure soon, 1-5 years, they will ban lead fishing weights.

Yep! And knowing how they think, they're switch over to zinc. or some other equally-intoxicating metal!

Maybe, just maybe, we need to feed the left-state's some fo their own medicine. Cyanide seems to be a good choice.


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