Author Topic: Springtime Jackrabbit hunt with Marley, Tom and the EVOL's (pics&video)  (Read 978 times)


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Hey all, what beautiful weather we have been having here in California in the past several days. I wanted to share a recent trip we took into some remote locations here in the local mountains. This has been an area I have spent much time scouting and was finally able to spend several days filming there. The area has a ton of Native American history and is so vast I have not yet explored all of it. The area I had chosen for the hunt has one of the largest populations of Blacktailed Jackrabbits I have personally encountered. I will enclose several photographs of our adventure followed by a video I hope you may enjoy as well.

Area that overlooks only a small portion of huntable land

Marley and I hiked down into the rocks

Small cave painting inside

Marley taking a break in the shade

Old barn we found built in 1900's

One of the areas full of Jackrabbits,super green.

Small Jackrabbit moving about

Marley and I setting up for a shot with the EVOL

Took a shot on this guy with a ricochet hitting shoulder

Another large Jackrabbit taken with headshot

Hit so hard he did a front flip

Marley recovered

Tom making 82 yard head-shot

Took this guy running up a hill 63 yards

Hunted till late evening with total of 5

Tom watching the hillsides for movement

Nice head-shot with the .22 EVOL

Marley trying to get out of the sun

As you can see from the photographs and screen shots the place is a dream to hunt. We ended our trip with a total of 8 Jackrabbits, my cooler was packed. I can't wait to get back out and try for more when time allows for it. Here is the video that includes a look at my kit along with the footage from our two day hunt.

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Awesome story as usual! That sure is some beautiful country.
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Yes it is some nice area, but one could still get lost out there.
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Beautiful! Marley's an awesome hunting dog!
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Thanks you guys, yeah it's a huge area that I don't think I'll ever explore completely. Having Marley on a hunt is pretty entertaining. lol She's a character
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Briar Patch

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Great video - love the music you put with it, good fit!
Beautiful day to be out hunting, and your dog - she cracks me up.  Fun to watch.
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