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Airgun Guild Giveaway and Contest Rules
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:52:02 AM »
The entry rules for Air Gun Guild’s on-line contests

Members residing in areas where shipping an airgun is contrary to local laws, will be responsible for handling and/or additional shipping fees to an authorized agent.

You must be 18 years or older, as an adult signature all be required upon delivery; no exceptions!

You must be a member is good standing, and have a minimum of 25 legitimate posts.

Moderators and/or management members of the Air Gun Guild are ineligible.

We request that a donation be made to Air Gun Guild.

Entries will be based on the MSRP of the items being auctioned. Ancillary equipment (pellets, scopes, mounts, etc.) will not be included, but may be shown in the published total.

Answers should be in dollars and cents; $XX.xx. In other words, from a zero amount up to and including the MSRP.

Only one guess per member, and editing of the guess will not be allowed.

If a duplicate guess is made, the one with the earliest posting date will be used.

To select the winner, a Google-supported, random generator will be used to select the winner.

The winner will be posted (screen name and/or real name if known). Winner has seven days to respond. After that another random selection will be made.

Entry Rules (dates, value, etc.) subject to change between now and the beginning of any Contests or Giveaways. 

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