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Soft bedding
« on: April 23, 2020, 10:16:55 PM »
So I have soft bedded my third rifle a Xisico  XS-25 Wow huge difference in all of them. Also did a Hatsan Carnivore and Browning leverage. I believe it makes the rifle smoother, quieter. More accurate and also dampers recoil on optics. Another plus is stock screws seem to remain tight.

If your a tinker you should try this on a rifle. you will be a believer. 

So get yourself some 1/8th-inch thick Neoprene. The Adhesive backed kind
What I do is float the metal off the wood. I use scissors  a box cutter and straight edge and a protector for curves to cut the material. 
Peel paper off sticky back. Place strips in bedding so there's a small area up from drop-off edge.  It will smash and fill the gap. 
I line the wood everywhere metal contacts the wood. Your bed for you action is finished.
It's time to install the action into the stock.
I use a "C" clamp and two lengths pine to get front stock screws down enough to start since they are now sitting on 1/8" of  neoprene material make sure the screws are aligned so you don't strip the them. Start front stock screw holes first. Then do trigger guard screws.

Note: I get washers that fix the stock screws and recessed holes in the stock they give the screw more contact area and don't damage wood.

After you install the stock.

1.  Tighten all screws tight
2.  Let sit 12 hours or so
3.  Second day Tighten Again that afternoont tighten the screws again — shoot 20 or 30 times
5. Day three — Tighten again — DONE! 
6.  Periodically test screw tightness but they seem to stay tight do to the extra tension on them.

Now you have a soft bedded air rifle that will shoot softer. be quieter more that likely increase the accuracy. And the stock screws stay tight. I also believe it will help cushion optics from recoil.

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Re: Soft bedding
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2020, 05:23:20 AM »
One of my friends soft bedded one of his high-end springers, but he used deadening insulation, like the kind they use in automobiles. Here is the web site:

I've used the stuff for its intended use, and it is almost magic in deadening vibrations.
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