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Title: New to AG, New Benjamin Prowler
Post by: snapbang on January 26, 2020, 01:45:45 PM
New guy here. As far as AGs are concerned. Been shooting and reloading rifle for 35 years.  My buddy borrowed his brothers Prowler and is having a ball with it. Killed 15 squirrels in two weeks.

So I bought A Prowler.  .177.  Upon arrival I put one of my better scopes on it and did a trigger job. I ordered 4 kinds of pellets and my buddy had 2 more to try. So I set up a bench in my garage and a target about 20 yards out. I started shooting and tried the different pellets. I had all kinds of problems getting groups. Thought it was me with my lack of skill at "Military Hold". What I did notice over time is that my groups were just that. I would have 3 pellets hit a dime over here, 3 pellets hit a dime over there, and 3 more pellets hit a dime somewhere else. The gun is shooting fine but something is changing.

Since the barrel is not on the same piece with the receiver I thought maybe it had something to do with how I closed the barrel. Sure enough. With a mild amount of pressure to the left when closing the barrel My groups instantly got better. At 20 yards I am regularly putting a string of 10 into a quarter size target. 4 of the 6 pellet types I am shooting group nicely with negligible changes of point of impact.  Im happy.

Next I came home the other day and there's a squirrel in a tree in my yard.  That bugger was chattering at me and I know most of it was foul language. I live in a small town so I carefully went around the back of the house and had a 12 yard shot. The shot was at about 35 degrees and I had a huge oak behind him. I leaned against the house, lined it up and squeezed the trigger. Serious as life he was dead on the limb before he fell.

I'm sold, this is a blast. Got the gun for $116.00 including tax and shipping. Put an $80.00 scope on it an Ive shot about 700 pellets in a week. I test it the other day and it went through both sides of two thicker quality tin cans. The varmints are in big trouble here.

Think I may have to consider a .22 also.   ;D
Title: Re: New to AG, New Benjamin Prowler
Post by: Alan on January 26, 2020, 02:36:42 PM
Just beware! Airguns literally grow on you. Stick around here, and real soon you'll be into PCPs. And that, my friend, is the epitome of accuracy. Or can be!
Title: Re: New to AG, New Benjamin Prowler
Post by: Sharaz_Jek on January 27, 2020, 03:14:39 AM
How effective is the suppressor on that? Been looking for a quiet breakbarrel.

Bought that Gamo breakbarrel with a supposed suppressor but it barked like a dog. I took it back.
Title: Re: New to AG, New Benjamin Prowler
Post by: Alan on January 27, 2020, 04:25:27 AM
I've bought five break barrels, and took back three! They're loud! Correct holding is imperative as well. And finding a pellet which works, is the worse chore of all!

I know some folks love them, and that's fine. But not for me, ever again. That said, some of the newer models which use an under-lever, are fairly accurate, if you can find a pellet which shoots well. But so far, I haven't seen one which had a threaded barrel so you could upgrade the suppressor. I didn't hear of one at this year's ShotShow either.
Title: Re: New to AG, New Benjamin Prowler
Post by: snapbang on January 27, 2020, 05:48:40 AM
As far as quiet I have no comparison. But I sit in my garage with the back door open to my target in the back yard. I have 3 houses within 100 feet and people walking by all the time. I don't think it makes enough noise to draw any attention at all. My buddy it similar. Nobody seems to notice.

As stated I found 4 of the 6 pellets I tried are accurate enough to hunt squirrels out to 30 yards. plenty good enough for me.

As far as the military hold I just roll up a Carhart bibb coverall and rest the rifle on there. 

The big difference to accuracy was when closing the action putting slight pressure on the muzzle to the left. Once I found that out everything got great.