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Daisy 188
« on: January 10, 2021, 05:10:29 PM »
Daisy Model 188 Pistol...Years Produced 1979-1993 
New in 1979 Single shot pellet or BB repeater 215fps BB's- 180 fps pellets. Very few Variations, it went from a heavy Diecast to plastic around 1990. It became BB only around 1984. 
I have two in near mint condition. A earlier bb/pellets and a latter bb only. they both shoot strong but I wanted to see the inside. while in there clean and relive everything. It was dissembled everything was very clean to my surprise except a bit of old caking grease. The spring has more preload than I expected. Putting it all back together I used moly on the piston and other moving parts. When completed for drops of pellgunoil in the oil hole. and one in the loading mechanism.

I chronograph it after I had shot 24 bb's. The second load they averaged between 227 and 219fps. About 15fps better than before teardown.

The third load I shot paper from 25 ft kneeling with two hand it's not a powerful pistol but  seem to be fairly accurate.  More  so than the guy behind the trigger.

Definitely a fun little gun from the past. In my opinion  one that Daisy should bring back. A overlooked and underappreciated pistol from the 1980's
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