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Crosman V350 backporch plinking
« on: September 09, 2021, 03:19:28 PM »

Crosman V-350 slide action
1962 - 1969
This is the Sears Roebuck variant 1966

 The gun has a spring-powered piston, it uses a poppet-type valve that stores compressed air until it blows open violently. The velocity is indicated by the model  number hence V-350. This one shoots closer to 370fps

As far as accuracy  the V350 is on par with other BB guns. I think slightly better.The steel barrel is smoothbored, don’t expect much less than two inches at 25 feet with a good  hold.

One design characteristic against this type of gun–the cocking method. The V350 isn’t easy to cock. It’s almost impossible for a young shooter unless some measures are taken. One common thing was to hold the cocking hand over the muzzle to pull back on the barrel with great force. Or pushing the barrel against something.

They probably stopped manufacturing due to safety concerns.

Today we will be doing some backporch plinking at paper from 30 feet.

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