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Worn the heck out
« on: August 09, 2017, 06:29:47 PM »
My son and I had a 3 hour chunk of time to mess around with today. So, we headed to the Richmond Rod and Gun Club to make some noise.

Of course I wanted to take just about everything. But the load got a wee bit heavy.

Stuff we took:
1. Sumatra Carbine .25
2. DAQ .58 Pistol
3. DAQ .58 Short Rifle
4. 909s .45
5. Mossberg 12 gauge
6. Big SCBA tank
7. Small tank
Assorted stuff, including blanket, rests, ammo etc.

We set up at the 50-100 yard range and stuck to 50 yards. Wind was a hooting. And we were surrounded by loud powder burners fling brass all over.

My son preferred the Sumatra and shot it a bunch. I wanted to get some time with both DAQ's and the 909s.

Never did get decent groups with either DAQ but neither are the least bit broken in. The DAQ rifle is a bloody beast. Louder than some powder burners there and it kicked with authority.  I got two shots before it was time to refill. This rifle had the trigger damaged in shipping and I am now convinced it needs to go back to Dennis. It's got a hair trigger and the "safety" notch does not properly catch. As a result that last shot seems to dump the remaining air. My SCBA tank drained pretty quickly.

The DAQ pistol is way less of a beast compared to the rifle. No comparison. It was not at all sighted in and I struggled with it for a while. I think it's much better suited for a shorter range, but I'll reserve judgement until another outing.

909s seemed, well, like a peashooter compared to the big DAQ. I will give it a tune with the African Air Ordnance kit I got.

The Sumatra was, well the accurate, reliable and powerful Sumatra I've come to love.  Definitely need to tune that trigger. Both Korean guns have absolutely the worst triggers in the world. Immagonna fix em.

We had a good time and ran out our two hours. Didn't take the Mossberg out of the case. Next time.

I am worn out. I think all the hauling did me in. Or was it that DAQ?

Tank is at the fire extinguisher shop for it's now $14 fill up. If I were to shoot the beast more often I can see another tank will be needed. Oh and I shot up a lot of .58 roundballs. Time to cast more.

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