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Took the Career out
« on: July 31, 2020, 05:23:14 PM »
The Career has been hollering to get attention. So I took it out and used my drill press to make a crummy delrin spacer to go between the moderator and muzzle. I am a hack!

Last time I shot this lovely Korean .357 the slugs were smacking the moderator and sending bullets all over kingdom come. So I took it off. Figured out that the moderator was getting pushed off center by poor fit.

I determined having about a 1/4” spacer might fix the issue. At ten feet it looks good, but proof is in the pudding at 25,50,75,100 yards. So it’s installed and I shot it on my outside workbench and used the Fx Radar to see what FPE I was getting.

With 146 grain bullet I’m getting 180 FPE at 747fps. A 128 grain bullet is traveling at 775fps for 170 FPE. That’ll kill a small piggy, big Turkey etc no sweat.

I really like this rifle!

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