Author Topic: Narrowing down the bullets that the Texan likes  (Read 664 times)


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Narrowing down the bullets that the Texan likes
« on: March 15, 2019, 03:22:01 PM »
I had the most successful shooting session yet with the .308 Texan. I got amazing results with side-by-side comparisons. Some I expected, some exceeded expectations, and others performed below expectations.

My best 4 shot groups were 1" at 100 yards and 1 7/8" at 200 yards.

The bullets I used were NOE 134 BBT flat nose (.309 and .308), NOE 154 BBT flat nose (.308 and .309), Lee's 113 flat nose gas check (.309), and Lee's 150 flat nose gas check (.309 and .308).

The 134 BBT is hands down the cream of the crop. Super tight groups at all ranges and just a great performing bullet. 1" at 100 yards and 2" to 3" at 200 yards. It's absolutely my number one go-to for all things accuracy and hunting related. The surprise for a very close second place is the Lee's 150 fngc. That bullet is a tack driver and hundred yard groups were in the 1" range. At 200 yards it started to open up a bit to around 4" average for four shots.

I had slightly better groups with .309 sized bullets vs. .308 but not a marked difference.

The surprise was the lack of performance from the 154 BBT's. Based on the 134's you'd think that the big brother would work well, but the Lee's 150 was consistently tighter and more accurate. The Lee's 113's were shotgunning and I'm not really into forcing them to work so that mould is going on the shelf.

I did not bother with the chronometer since I was switching back and forth between 100 and 200 yards and didn't want to keep moving it. I've pretty much narrowed that down anyway (920's with 134's and 880's with 150's) Power setting was on full and at 3000 psi reg'd.

I don't think that it's a coincidence that sorting bullets makes a difference. Until I can get to the stage where I'm casting at very consistent weights I'm going to have to keep doing it. I kept everything between 133.6 and 134.5 and 152.6 to 153.5, and tossed the rest (almost half) back into the pot. I sorted the 113's too, but it didn't matter. They just didn't group well at all.

I'm just happy that I have two bullets (with moulds) that perform exceptionally well. It's been a long journey to find real consistency with all of the choices of .30 cal ammo available.

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