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308 78.6 bbt
« on: January 17, 2017, 12:41:53 PM »
I had a few minutes and a few 78.6 bbt for testing sent to me by my friend Rick, so I ran down to the range and gave it a go. 50 yards with an open reticle, ( still haven't put a scope on) shooting through my cothran 308. Wind is kicking and only shot a few but I like them! Have a full order on the way ;D. Shooting for group (of two shots) did it a couple of times with the same poi. One pic of two shots with bbt and another with 2- 50 grain jsb on the left in the picture and 2 bbt on the right. Same size grouping so it gives some credit to the accuracy of the bullet. Ill do some longer range testing when I can. I have no doubt they will shoot one big hole with a scope mounted. Btw, the cothran has a 1-20 tj barrel and on the lowest setting I could get, hammer spring backed out 2 turns from the spring touching the hammer, 3100 psi, ..920 fps, second shot 897.