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I don’t like Eurasian Doves either!


I once owned an ATN, 5-20 power, X-Sight II (Steveoh now is the proud possessor of that scope). One of the reasons I bought the scope—other than nighttime use—was to catch a few red mist hits with an airgun. The generation of red mist isn’t as prevalent when using an airgun, than it is when using a fast varmint cartridge, as we know. However, it is possible to catch the pellet in flight, especially so if the video has a slow motion function. The X-Sight II does not. But sometimes…

I took the original movie with the X-Sight II in December, 2016. I was reviewing the movie recently, again looking for the proverbial red mist. But what I saw going through the frames one by one (30 interlaced fps), I saw something you can’t see at full speed. By the way, these photos are reduced in size to fit the maximum photo size for the site.

Photo one shows an out of focus blob (arrow), which I soon realized was the pellet just after it left the barrel! Imagine that? Now, I admit I have done a Hajimoto a few times, in that I have painted the backend of pellets so they could be seen more easily. This was not the case here.

Photo two is one of several frames showing the pellet (arrow) just before impact on the dove. Which is, I think, unique for an 1080 video at 30 fps.

But it is photos three which really intrigues me. It took me several minutes to realize that is was the pellet after impact! Normally the pellets just fly straight through the bird, and land who knows where. But if you think about the pellet’s arcing flight, and the distance the pellet traveled (≈100 yards), it is reasonable to assume the pellet hit the wire after it went through the dove’s body.

In any case, it makes me wonder if Hajimoto has ever seen his shots (pellets) in slow motion, after impact?

Alan, that's cool that you see the pellet. 

One of the reasons I try to use a nice fresh stick on target on my rat feeding stations is I will see the pass through results, along with bits of fur, and bloody bits. I have had rats leap off the shelf after I shot "at" them, only to look at the target find that I indeed hit the rat, and it was a pass through, and I have evidence of fur etc. I don't think I've hit a rat and not had a pass through, even length wise. Always an entrance and exit wound. WHACK!

Termite I:
COOL! Great Pics.  Thanks for sharing.


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