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  1. More on Terminal Ballistics
  2. Range Kit
  3. Extending Range of Harbor Freight Ding Donger
  4. Happy Birthday Alan!
  5. Hearing Protection
  6. Terminal Ballistics Part III
  7. I don’t like Eurasian Doves either!
  8. Why I hate Pigeons!
  9. Ducks, and all things being equal.
  10. Let’s not complain too much!
  11. I guess I’m spoiled!
  12. Silencer, Suppressor, Moderator, Lead Dust Collector, You Name It!
  13. Notes On Hunting
  14. Movie Madness
  15. My thoughts on terminal ballistics of pellets on small game
  16. I have a question?
  17. Terminal Ballistics of pellets
  18. Smack Down & Beating a dead horse