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More info from Hill's FB Page:

Since we launched the EC-3000 Electric Compressor we seem to be getting a lot of people thinking we have simply bought a cheap Chinese compressor and stuck our name on it.  The product development and rigorous testing has taken us over 4 years of hard graft.
The first thing we have to say is that this is not just another cheap compressor, this is a Hill Compressor, it has been designed and manufactured by us here in our factory in Sheffield, England.

The technology and some of the materials inside are Patented and as such we will not talk too much about how we have done things and what special materials we have used.  We can confirm that the unit is not belt driven and is indeed direct drive.  To protect our Patent and our technology we will not be drawn on questions about how it works and what exotic materials we have used.  We have been keeping quiet with our heads down, but we have been testing and proving our radical new design for 18 months.

In our final 6 months of testing we would start the compressor at 08:00 and run it up to 250 bar and then it would stay running, creating 250 bar of pressure through a blow off valve until 17:00.  As we have said before this is not just another compressor, this is a Hill Compressor and we are very proud of it.…/Electric-Compressors.html
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