Author Topic: Bucks County man sentenced for shooting sister's friend with air rifle  (Read 758 times)


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What in the hell is wrong with people?

Authorities say the Bristol Borough man shot his teenage sister's best friend in the chest with the air rifle in May 2017.

The 16-year-old victim survived, but the pellet from Stanley's air rifle was found lodged beside her heart.

Police say Stanley initially lied to investigators, saying he was shooting at targets in his backyard when a pellet ricocheted off a fence and struck the victim. He admitted enlisting members of his family to repeat the lie on his behalf.

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Ha, look at all the other news coming from the city of brotherly love. :-X
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No cure for STUPID ..... just another chapter in this countries MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS  :o

I feel so badly for the young lady who fell victim to his sheer stupidity !
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