Author Topic: Pacific Airgun Expo March 28-29 Placerville, CA  (Read 291 times)


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Pacific Airgun Expo March 28-29 Placerville, CA
« on: February 04, 2020, 10:13:59 AM »
Reminder that the Pacific Airgun Expo, based on popular demand, is now a yearly event, and is scheduled for March 28-29 this year at the El Dorado Fairgrounds in Placerville (same as it's been).  We have a few vendors that have signed up already so I'll start getting the table assignment chart populated in the next week or so.  The free shopping cart software on our web site can be a little clunky, so if you have any difficulty with it please let me know so I can help you get signed up.  Prices remain unchanged from last year.

There is a new indoor range (Hangtown Range) with 10 and 25 yards near the hotel a lot of us stay at, but based on previous year's experience, since this event isn't a fun shoot, it seems like everyone just wants to hang out in the hall and talk (and shop) airguns.  Having the indoor range so close to the event is certainly convenient for vendors that might want to demonstrate a new gun, or for people to go try out a new acquisition. 

There is a lot to do in the Placerville area, it's a great opportunity to bring the family for a vacation.  There is gold mining, wine tasting, golf, hunting and fishing, shopping in the historic downtown district (which is a real blast, it is a super cool town with the old west feel) and lots more.  I have a few things listed here:

There are many interesting historical things about Placerville (first called Old Dry Diggings, and later became known as Hangtown for it's propensity for swift justice).  This is where John Studebaker got his start by making wheelbarrows for the gold miners.

One real nice thing about Placerville is it is a very gun friendly town.  They are very welcoming of the Pacific Airgun Expo.

We will once again have a "State of the Industry" meeting and dinner Saturday night at the brewery across the street from the show.  I'll be looking for a head count as we get closer so I can make a reservation.  You don't have to eat there though.  Have a beer and a snack and save your appetite for a restaurant downtown; there are many great options.

I would recommend people start making their hotel reservations soon; the inexpensive hotels fill up quick.  There is also free boondocking (no hookups) for vans and RV's at the Redhawk Casino. I've heard from one vendor that is planning on staying there; it might be another get together opportunity for some of you!  I have slept in the RV lot there before.  It is well lit and they have a security guard that makes a lap through every half hour, so it feels very safe.  You can call for a shuttle to take you up to the casino where there are restaurants (including an early open breakfast). 

There is a list of hotels (though there might be others) here:

For more information visit the website: or email: or phone: 707-337-9410

By way of a p.s., I saw a comment on another thread about wishing there was a way people could bring in guns to sell without renting a table.  That is fine to do, and people do.  I would recommend making some kind of a sign to hang from the gun as you carry it around the show so people will know it's for sale.  If you have several guns to sell though it would be nice to support the show that is giving you the opportunity and rent a table.  It's not very expensive and I only cleared a profit last year of $300, this is not a money making venture for me so any support is appreciated.  For what it's worth, the first two shows that were put on by other people I rented a table at even though I didn't really have anything to sell.  It gave me a chair to sit at for the two days, and I got to meet just about everybody that came through :-)  And I did sell a gun each time which basically paid for the trip.

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Re: Pacific Airgun Expo March 28-29 Placerville, CA
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 06:00:50 PM »
Both Born Wild Shooting Chairs and the Airgun Guild will be represented at the Pacific Airgun Expo. Looking forward to seeing any 'guilders' that stop by.
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