Author Topic: Pacific Airgun Expo 2021 Cancelled  (Read 4882 times)


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Pacific Airgun Expo 2021 Cancelled
« on: December 04, 2020, 06:01:25 PM »
Pacific Airgun Expo supporters,
My recent request for input on whether we should have the PAE in March 2021 as was scheduled received an overwhelming "won't go" response, so I cancelled the reservation with the fairgrounds.

Let's hope we can rub shoulders again by March 2022!

The best way you can help a 2022 PAE to happen is to help keep me employed. If any of you knows someone could use a website manager/host, improve traffic and conversions, or needs a new site built, keep me in mind. I've been doing this work since the earliest days of the internet and am a real pro. Airgun industry sites would be a bonus. And don't forget about my gunstock carving gig.

Seems like people are buying the big bore airguns like crazy right now with firearm ammo being so scarce and expensive. I see an increasing number of firearm influencers online enthusiastically demonstrating these new powerful airguns. Now that there are portable air compressors I think we will see more high pressure airguns putting out huge power and a whole new crop of shooting enthusiasts buying them and supporting our increasingly mainstream niche.

Those of you lucky enough to be manufacturers or vendors be sure to stay alert for new product opportunities as the landscape of our sport continues to evolve. I think there is increasing opportunity for growth, and I want to see all of you be very successful so you can continue to provide us end users with the cool stuff we need. Which, as you know, is my motivation for putting on the PAE :-)

I think the 2022 PAE could be a very exciting event. Let's hope the vaccine works good by then.

Yours in airgunning,
Michael McKeown

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Re: Pacific Airgun Expo 2021 Cancelled
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2020, 04:13:06 AM »
Yes, the PAE won't be the last of the covid closures—novel indeed!
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