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Tweaks to the AirgunGuild UserInterface


Hi folks,

As promised, I am committed to making the Airgun Guild Forum a friendlier place to be in terms of the User Interface.

Currently working on:

1. Reduce the space that the logo and header of the forum take up. Main goal is bring content up further on the page.  In my not so humble opinion, having content not even show up on initial page load is a cardinal sin. If a website has banners and huge logos pushing content below the fold, then this is backackwards.

I've taken an initial pass at item #1 but will most likely tweak again.

If you see a giant logo, or none at all please clear your cache. I'll add in some cache busting bits to help with this though.

Up next will a long over due attempt to make the site mobile friendly. That's going to take hours or perhaps days as the SMF software has a lot of views.

As always, I'm open to feedback.

My changes will most likely not be extended to other themes. I think they are broken anyway.



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