With the coming of Summer, hunting possibilities change, typically for the better. Prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and gophers are all fair game. And so are pigeons, Eurasian doves, and house sparrows. Oh goody!

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SSL expired, but should be happy now...

Started by steveoh, December 11, 2019, 10:30:29 AM

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SSL certificate expired, but I fixed it, so should be good to go.

added this photo test to make sure images were being served up as https also.
Quackenbush .58 Outlaw
Shooting Chairs
Vallejo Ferry Schedule
DAQ .458 LA Outlaw Rifle
DAQ .58 LA Outlaw Rifle
FX Streamline .25
FX M3 Impact 700mm Sniper .25
Benjamin Bulldog .357
QB-79 .177
Crosman 1322
Crosman 1377 - HoRodded 10 FPE
Diana Model 27 (childhood airgun)
Tolman Skiff
Airgun Calculator


Way to go Steveoh.  I'm a poet and don't no it