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Responsive / Mobile Tweaks to the User Interface

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I am working on improving the UI (user interface) for smaller devices. This will be an ongoing project, but as of today you should see positive changes on most pages when using your smart phones.

Got complaints or bugs? Make a screen shot and add to this thread!


I've made initial changes, and am now tweaking for pages we don't access often, and am tweaking for a variety of individual devices. Going to take a bit more effort.

The good news is that Google Search Console is reporting much better mobile accessibility. If Google complains about this, we get penalized in search results. So it's a not just a labor of love, but actually can be a worthwhile effort for mobile users, and for improved search results.

Google is complaining about Page Loading Issues, but on examining their complaint, it turns out that Twitter is blocking Google from indexing. Funny.

Loving the mobile
Great job!


--- Quote from: kkarmical on May 22, 2020, 02:50:58 PM ---🤗
Loving the mobile
Great job!

--- End quote ---

Thank you sir. I spend a little time on it everyday. There are bugs which I strive to fix.

Still working on UI tweaks for mobile.

Something else on my mind is to improve accessibility for those who are sight impaired. One the largest changes I am chewing on is increasing contrast of text color vs background color. An accessibility tool I used makes recommendations for a more accessible site, and it's flagged the low contrast issues of guild.

The teal text against a gray background is the most offending low contrast item for the site.

Any thoughts? Desires?


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