With the coming of Summer, hunting possibilities change, typically for the better. Prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and gophers are all fair game. And so are pigeons, Eurasian doves, and house sparrows. Oh goody!

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Congrats to Travis and Jim!

Started by Monkeydad1969, May 14, 2016, 07:49:41 PM

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Congrats to our founding father and his partner in crime.

Travis took first at the GTA Fun Shoot with the WARP in .30 and Jim took second with the FLEX!

Joe the P-Dawg Slayer!!!!!


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Crotchety geezer

Way to go fellas! You guys deserve that and so much more!


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I hope to be able and join you all sometime.
WAR Custom .25 Marauder



No better way to represent The Airgun Guild first and second place ???? excellent.
????Long Live The AirGun Guild



 It wasnt easy all the field was gone by round 2 but my partner was dam determined to win and we went threw 6 rounds before I edged him out(shear luck). Shooting conditions were very windy and cold and to be honest when I went 3rd on first round and hit I thought that may do it right there but 6 other shooters hit also first round. I had from 1.5 mildots to 0 mildots all by estimation between shots thats how windy and cold it was. I often shot in very windy conditions down south it was the norm but not windy and cold.


Congrats Travis and I think those magic gloves might have helped too. ;D ;D 8)