Author Topic: Potential new club and shooting range for NorCal airgunners  (Read 652 times)


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I've been working on some areas and ideas for starting a club with private access to an airgun-only shooting range. This is in the beginning stages, but I'm looking for a list of names of folks who would be interested in paying for access to a range in the Northbay/Petaluma area.

I have access currently to a few different places for shooting/hunting but most are not applicable (at least not easily) for a permanent or semi-permanent range. That being said, there is a lot of area around me that can be accessed easily within a few minutes drive from the main highway. Currently there are so few areas open to the general public that's nearly impossible to find a place to shoot in these parts. I believe there is literally one public shooting range within a 1.5 hour drive and it's crowded and open Thursday - Sunday with either a $15 or $20 fee.

The general idea is that we would lease a place that has easy parking, easy walking to targets, and at least 200 yards on the range. A lot of variables come into play with each location, but that's the basics we're looking for. This would of course not be free as the lot would have to leased, pay for a porta-potty, some fencing will surely be required, etc.  Cost is totally up in the air but I would think it would be no less than $200 per year and no more than $400 per year. If you are interested and are willing to pay for the privilege and not just tire-kick, shoot me a pm with your email address and I'll start a private thread.

Hopefully we get something going that opens up a lot of options for a lot of airgunners.

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