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This is a topic that I have pondered (airgun-specific place to shoot) for a while, as I'm sure just about everyone has at one time or another. While I am blessed with a number of properties from my yard to within a 15 minute drive from which I can shoot, most aren't that fortunate.

Reading the comments above, it's apparent that WHERE you live is a huge factor from weather (requiring indoor) to legality, to available area with which to have a range.

Where I live in NorCal, it's farm land and dairy country surrounded by fairly large communities with metropolitan areas (San Francisco) within a 45 minute drive. As far as getting enough people to sign up, my opinion is if it can't be done here it can't be done anywhere. There are a few million people within an hour's drive of me. Here's what I've come up with as factors:

1) The range would have to be outdoor. Indoor is EPA nightmare nor is it cost effective given the commercial property value here.
2) The range would have to be private/members only. Liability would be a major factor and controlling who and when the range is used would be required.
3) Environmental issues. More than half of the farmland around my area is certified organic. A range where lead is deposited would never fly. You can't even used pressure-treated fence posts.
4) On a positive note, there are innumerable ranches/locations close by that would be perfect. All easily accessible from major freeways.
5) Membership covering the cost of leasing the space. Land is extremely valuable here and used for a variety of things. One thing is that I think is a positive is that a range is really easy on the land vs. farming, cattle, etc.  A land owner can basically make some $'s without a lot of the variables of agricultural use.
6) Liability. The biggest factor. How can a land owner be protected against a lawsuit and how could a club get insurance so that a landowner would even consider it?

I currently hunt and shoot in areas that could accommodate an airgun range. Armed with a game plan and my ducks in a row with costs, insurance, etc. I could probably make something happen if it was deemed possible. That being said, I would need a lot of help and backing by folks who are smarter than I at the legal/business end of things. If others in the area would be interested I would entertain the idea of searching and seeing what could be done.

And that's the point, isn't it Kevin?

My research indicated, that only eight new "public" ranges were opened in 2017. All were outdoors, which speak volumes. The only "indoor" range I have any financial numbers on, was build in 1972. The cost then was just over $270,000 including the retail space built over the range. That's about $500,000 in today's dollars. However, with current building and EPA codes, the cost would exceed $1,000,000. That kind of investment is hard to amortize under today's anti-gun, legislative, sentiment.

And like you, Kevin, I have less than a 10 minute drive to fertile hunting grounds. The "range" is wherever you set up the target stand! We are blessed Kevin!


--- Quote ---EPA rules make it darn difficult to build a public, indoor shooting range. Lead dust issues, don't you know?
--- End quote ---
Yup, the owner of New England Airgun ran in to that too hence

--- Quote ---Our range can handle .177 .22 and .25 calibers of lead-free ammunition. (this includes plastic bb's used in airsoft and metal bb's common in bb-guns.)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for posting about New England Airgun.
Great place to check out
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Definitely recommend them If your in the area



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