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I joined a Facebook group the other day, the Airgun Sporting Association. (website: They claim to have the mission of:

The Airgun Sporting Association has been formed as a non-profit business league as described in section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, to promote the common business interests of its members. 

The mission of the Airgun Sporting Association is to market, promote and serve individuals, companies and corporations involved in the manufacture, importation, wholesale and retail sales and distribution of airguns and related hunting and airgun sport shooting equipment, products, goods and services.

A primary focus of the Association will be the strengthening of relationships between the state wildlife agencies and representatives of the airgun industry.  The Association’s work with the state wildlife agencies will target the development of regulations legalizing the use of big bore airguns for big game hunting.  Also, the Association will work with state wildlife agencies to help clarify existing airgun regulations for small game hunting.
--- End quote ---

The Facebook group has a few posts about "the development of regulations legalizing the use of big bore airguns for big game hunting", but mostly it's a cluster muffin like  any of Tom Gaylord's blog posts. He posts an article about using big bores to kill giant anteaters in southern Florida, and many of the responses to his article tend to be off the wall, like "should I wear my pink or camo slippers when shooting squirrels off the back deck? or should I put a $400 scope on my $29 BBgun?

I know I've mentioned this group before, and here I go again. I'm back at being annoyed I can't hunt deer and pigs in the State of California with my big bore airguns, wearing pink slippers or not.

I'll post any new information I get on the subject in this thread. There are those who have successfully and recently petitioned their Fish and Game, and legislators to allow big game hunting with our big bore airguns, but damn if I can get any of them to share how they did it, what worked, what didn't work, etc. It's as though it's top secret and they want only their state to allow big bore airgun hunting.


Response to my question on Facebook:

--- Quote ---"I'm curious about the Game Plan for the Airgun Sporting Association. Is there a plan to methodically and systematically seek changes to law as per airgun hunting? Has the group lead any efforts to change laws? Successes or Failures? Do tell, as this is why I am here."

Airgun Sporting Association Stephen - excellent question. The ASA works with the state wildlife agencies to ensure they understand Airgun technologies and the effectiveness of airguns at ethically taking larger game species. When legislative action is needed to support the state wildlife agency positions, the ASA engages with legislators to help at that level. A big partner in this effort are the Airgun enthusiasts in the state who are letting their wildlife agency know that their constituents want to use airguns for hunting. To date, this strategy has expanded big game Airgun hunting from about 5 states in 2017 to 20 states today and there are a number of states considering adding airguns to their big game regulations.
--- End quote ---


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