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"SOLD" WTS Almost New Prod w/lots of extras

Started by bnowlin, February 12, 2021, 11:55:11 AM

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I have a Prod 22 for sale That I have shot only a few times.  I never get to shoot it now.  So I will part with it.
It comes with Brand new Bug Buster 3X12X32 mill dot scope
With UTG Pro Extra mounts along with the ones that came with it and a side focus wheel.

The gun comes with
2 extra mags plus the 1 that came with it total 3
1 Prod Huma Reg with repair kit  Never installed
1 Hill High Performance Valve Never installed
1 Hill High Performance Gage block Never installed (hogged out)
.125 Hill transfer port installed with new extra TP seals and oem tp included
Approx 1/2 box of Crosman pellets 22
Donny FL Tanto with angle adapter to clear fill port.

All new condition very accurate.  Not interested in parting out.

Buy of a lifetime  $478.00 shipped PP only F&F  Lower 48 states

Double check original prices at PA, Hill Airguns and Donny FL