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Noe 356-84-RF sure is purty

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Noe 356-84-RF sure is purty.

There are occasional wrinkles but for the most part these are trouble free castings and the pellets drop right out.

Hopefully they fly as straight as be.

I shamefully have three untouched/brand new molds that are sitting in my closet. My casting stuff is a bit buried and since I'm trying to pack up to relocate the timing isn't good to do it anyway.

I have a .45 for the 909 Light Hunter and two different models for the .50 Texan. Looking forward to the time when I can enjoy a pleasant casting session.

Kevin, it seems like all you have been doing, beside laying tile, is moving. My prayers are, that you find someplace permanent, where you can really settle down.

Thanks, Alan. Living where I do in a ridiculously high priced area it's an unfortunate reality that things change a lot regarding properties. Lots are traded almost like precious commodities and most are too expensive to rent ($2000.00+ a month for a one bedroom apartment) or to buy ($800k for a rundown fixer-upper)  Just the property tax alone is out of reach for most. There's a reason (among many) that so many are making a mass exodus from CA. However, it's an amazing place to reside: the ocean is less than 30 minutes away providing endless opportunities for recreation, the weather is second to none with mild winters and summers, and fish and game abound.

I had one foot out of the door (state) a few years ago but circumstances changed both personally and professionally. My gf at the time and I parted ways and California damn near burned to the ground. I wasn't hurting for work pre-fires, but post-fires I was booked into the foreseeable future. My parents were both dying so I didn't want to jump ship and have regrets about not being present for their final stages of life either. In the midst of that, the property/ranch home that I was renting went up for sale and the new owners didn't want a tenant in the house I was occupying.

Fast forward two years...the folks are dead, work is going gangbusters, and the dust is finally beginning to settle on the family life. Shortening a long story I'm going to be moving back to the dairy where I grew up, about 15 minutes from where I'm at now. I'll be renting the original ranch home that my folks and grandparents lived in. My monthly expenses will be less, the rent that I pay will stay in the family and help my brother and sister (who run the dairy operation), I'll have the security of a stable place to put a nail in the wall, run my tile business from the ranch via indoor storage, and have the freedom to work, travel, and basically set myself up for the last 1/3 (God willing) of my life.

As far as a 'dream home' for an airgunner, it's like an African hunter being on safari every day. I'm literally less than a 100' from the milking barn and I don't think NSA can make slugs fast enough to knock out the amount of pests and targets of opportunity on the ranch. I have more chances at pest off of my deck than most guys have walking around for a morning. There's @ 650 acres to roam and I live being in the country. Also, I am less than 5 minutes from the city limits and access to all things. I get to have my cake and eat it too. Being able to help my younger siblings with some things like maintenance, fencing, cleanup (my stepdad was an agricultural hoarder: piles of scrap metal, wood, vehicles, and shit everywhere) and whatever else they need is a enjoyable to me.

So my relocation is by choice this time, not by force. I hate moving (and I've moved more times than I can count), but I think this time there's an endgame. I'm looking forward to the feeling that the rug isn't going to be yanked out from under me.

Fortune comes to those who hustle while they wait!

I too am very lucky. I own my home outright, owe nothing of consequence (month to month), and have no one to tell me no. Or know, for that matter. My hunting grounds are a scant 3 miles away. Life it good, and I wish the same for all.

If I had a wish, is that the political scene would be more stable and bright. Too many Brandons I guess.


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