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Noe 356-84-RF sure is purty

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--- Quote from: Steelhead on October 09, 2021, 01:59:22 PM ---I shamefully have three untouched/brand new molds that are sitting in my closet. My casting stuff is a bit buried and since I'm trying to pack up to relocate the timing isn't good to do it anyway.

I have a .45 for the 909 Light Hunter and two different models for the .50 Texan. Looking forward to the time when I can enjoy a pleasant casting session.

--- End quote ---

You are a busy man, and all is forgiven on the casting front.

What I’m really jonesing for is for you to get back to the .50 cal Texan, and finding the slug it loves.

To think my wife and I had a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco for $975 a month back from 91-2000. I’m sure they want $3k a month now.

Life is hard in this part of the world but no doubt it’s hard everywhere. Though I’m tempted to sit in my moaning chair, life is too flipping short!

To coat or not to coat, that is the question.

Coated 100 and left another 100 Uncoated.

Nice!  Glad to see the mold finally hit the shelf so you could get one.

those pellets are looking good my friend


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