Author Topic: New Lachmiller .30 cal mold  (Read 294 times)


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New Lachmiller .30 cal mold
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:21:51 AM »
I have a day off today (grateful however to be working the past week-and-a-half). Decided to buck up and get the Texan out early before the wind starts to sight it in after removing the scope. After getting thoroughly soaked at 6:30am walking through waist high grass I settled in to get it dialed. After about 6 shots I was back at my 100 yard zero.

What I was REALLY curious about was how well my new (old) Lachmiller mold that I purchased from Erik the Hollowpointer would do. When researching/considering having one of my NOE molds hollow pointed I was browsing his web site and he had some used molds for sale. There was a .311 Lachmiller 108 gr. h.p. 2 cavity that was remarkably similar to my favorite bullet. I took a gamble and bought it having been wanting a hollow point for hunting turkey.

This morning I did a quick session with the Arsenal 110's vs. the Lachmiller 108's (actual weights and both sized to .309 with silicone oil)  Results were very, very encouraging. I was surprised that my dope chart was off at 200 yards. I'm wondering if the difference is because I'm shooting uphill about 40-50 feet vs. when I made the chart. Bullets are about 6" higher than my chart. Anyway, I digress...

The groups were better at 200 than at 100  ;D  Don't ask me why...I can't figure it out. I'm thrilled that the Lachmiller kept neck n' neck with the Arsenal and may even be better. Granted I did this with a dirty barrel, a slight breeze, and shooting uphill. But the proof is on the paper and I'm really happy to have a viable h.p. for hunting or possibly even long LONG range accuracy.

First pic is 100 yards with Lachmiller left and Arsenal right (forgot to shoot fifth shot on Arsenal)
Second pic is just the Lachmiller at 100 yards
Third pic is Arsenal at 200 yards
Fourth pic is Lachmiller at 200 yards

I adjusted my aim points so that the groups would be separate. Both bullets seem to hold the same trajectory with maybe some small adjustments. The 200 yard groups were both within 2" with one flier on the Arsenal. Considering the swirling breeze I thought it was great.

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