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Lubing Pellets for PCP ?

Started by jupiter33, May 20, 2021, 03:10:40 PM

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I have a Benjamin Marauder Field & Target .22.

1) Is it a good idea to lube the pellets? or is it a waste of time?
2) If so, what should they be lubed with? and how?
3) How do you determine what is too much or too little lube?

Thank you for your help!
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I lube my home cast slugs for my big bores. Don't bother with pellets.

For slugs I use 10 weight silicone RC shock oil. 3 or 4 patches after a day of shooting and I'm done.
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As Steveoh said, lubing pellets/slugs is much more crucial with big bore guns. It does help with accuracy, but mostly it's to prevent fouling the barrel with lead. This is not a concern with small bore pellet shooters.

One of my shooting buddies who is a casual airgunner (has an FX Royale .25 for turkeys and pesting) experimented with lubing pellets. His results were inconclusive at 50 yards with maybe a 'slight' improvement but hardly noticeable. When you're already virtually hole-in-hole at 50 yards there isn't much room to improve. Also, the magazine, gun grips, scope, and everything else will be greasy.

Probably not worth the effort and subsequent mess for a marauder. But it never hurts to experiment. If you were to try it, use RC 10 wt. shock oil. Put some on the pellets and roll them around on a paper towel to dry them off. Who knows, maybe you'll hit the jackpot and greatly increase the accuracy of the marauder.
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Thank you all again for sharing your collective wisdom and insights!
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Like these guys are saying, it generally isn't necessary with pellets.  The graphite that is on many pellets will stain your fingers and make cotton patches black but it is totally benign in terms of fouling the barrel.

Having said that, I still frequently wash pellets in a wire strainer, tumbling them fairly vigorously.  For pellets that have visible parting lines or loose flashing, it helps to break that up.  For mediocre pellets like Crosman Premiers, it has sometimes cut the average group size in half.

It's a bit like polishing a turd though.  The results are seldom comparable to using better quality pellets from, say, JSB or H&N or RWS straight from the tin.