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I ordered some .454 and .457 Hornady Lead Balls for my 909s. The .457 ammo I have shot so far has been pretty tight fitting, and the lead balls I had were not sized, but just as cast from I have a .457 sizer, but it doesn't exactly work well with round ball. So, I wanted to see how .457 and .454 sized lead balls behave.

Anyway 10 days after ordering I've not heard a thing from Buds, nor have I gotten my order. I go to their website, and my order status says, "Your order has moved into our shipping department." So I email them, and two days later I get a cryptic:

--- Quote ---Due to an issue with your order we need to speak with you. Please call us at 859-368-0371 Monday-Friday 9am - 9 pm EST to have a customer service rep help you complete your order. Please be aware that emails and phone calls are only answered during these hours. Thank You, Team Buds

Please do NOT reply directly to this email as our Sales Staff will not receive it.
--- End quote ---

Today, 12 days after ordering I call and they tell me that there was a problem with their inventory system, and do I want to keep the order active and have my order shipped from another warehouse.

I'm a tiny bit annoyed. First time order and they screwed it up.


You don't size RB's.

Yup, didn't even try...  :o

--- Quote from: Tofazfou on January 18, 2016, 03:12:09 PM ---You don't size RB's.

--- End quote ---


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