Author Topic: New device in the works - First test completed  (Read 593 times)


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New device in the works - First test completed
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:45:30 PM »

Initial testing done in the usual Rio Salado fashion. High winds, switching around every few minutes. Test went really well, after dialing in the holdover amount. I was able to do a 241 - 7x in the wind which is very good. (During the match) spent another 4 hours and about 500 rounds to verify the data. And apart from a few normal niggles (wind changing before reaching the device in headwinds) it was very consistent in reading the wind holdover. The one concern I had turned out to be a huge benefit on the range. The sliding gimbal adds a little additional friction that I wasnt sure about. As it turns out, it drasticaly helped reducing the "pendulum" effect in pulsing and/or high winds which renders counter balanced wind devices unreliable in such conditions.
I dont have a fixed price yet, but it will be more affordable than the larger on, around $275-300 I am thinking.
Pictures note- The target was the 2nd card, still in "figuring it out mode"

After the match I did shoot a card or two of a full 250. But I keept shooting at them since I was in testing mode and the 100m match was preventing me from changing targets. Or take pics.
Next weekend, I'll be out again, so hopefully it'll prove to be a ongoing trend.


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Re: New device in the works - First test completed
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