Author Topic: how quite is the .22 warp  (Read 764 times)


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how quite is the .22 warp
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:53:43 PM »
ok guys i have a wicked air flex .30 and the AAA slayer .357 and now have money for a .22
has anybody shot the .22 warp with its ldc with all three baffles and the mutant with ldc what is the noise derf. of the two..
i want short and quite orthewise i would just get the .22 barrel for the flex ....
short, pellet on pellet , quite real quite..

i had the vulcan .25 with ldc and it was quite but i want mouse fart quite for dove hunting around the house and in .22 shooting about 800-900 fps stuff
just can't make up my mined
 warp with .22 barrel and buy the .25 barrel long it would fit the flex and warp even though anything i would shoot the .25 with the .30 will cover

i need .22 up to 100yd for dove,wabbits  even most would be 40-60yrd shots .
that leshiy looks nice....just don't think it will be as pellet on pellet at 60 yards like warp or mutant
with the warp i could shoot .22 from 14. gr. up to 30gr pellets it looks like
don't know if the mutant "shorty" or long can ajust that much with just turning a adjuster spring any thoughts

i want the quite most , i have the screw on ldc with my flex would it screw on the end of the warp slide out ldc with three baffles in it giving me even more ldc like a 10" one and would that even help
i do think the warp would give me more pellet choice but at 600.00 more cost i could get the mutant and a .25 barrel for the warp and still be 300. for a scope
or the AAA slayer sport pup .22 just don't know if there out yet ..... there reglated so don't know about pellet choice options
now u see why my mined is screwed up LOL LOL
if the warp is mutant i would get it .... but can't know because i've never heard either .... anyone shot both ......


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Re: how quite is the .22 warp
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 10:04:00 PM »
Hi I shot a .25 WARP and it was stacking pellets at 48 yards and loudest thing was the pellet hitting the target.

just my 2 cents worth.
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