Author Topic: FLEX & WARP mechanical SSG .... for those inclined ?  (Read 876 times)


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FLEX & WARP mechanical SSG .... for those inclined ?
« on: November 23, 2016, 11:17:16 AM »
Inclined  :o .... to get greater consistently and a lower ES from there WAR Flex & Warp guns.

* Now whats shown is a one of a kind purpose manufactured unit for my R&D project on the WarP Field Target gun. Tho the design is easily altered to work with the OEM STEEL hammer  ;)

What we have built here is a CAPTIVE design attaching to the rear OEM spring tension screw making the entirety of the SSG ... Stroke / Gap adjuster a ONE PIECE MODULE.

As shown with custom hammer and also an OEM hammer will have "Either" the stroke screw or OEM hammers integral spring guide at the bottom of the hammers spring cavity ( Backside ) ... The "HAT" on the SSG has a counter bore in the bottom that allows it to rest flush within this space.

Spring tension adjusted by stop rod / screw being more or less screwed into the hat changing the OAL of the captive spring being used.

The head of stop rod / screw has been reduced in diameter so it drops into the allen wrench socket hole of adjuster screw coming to rest against a small o-ring.  An Allen wrench is still able to be inserted so the adjuster screw can be turned to set "Gap" ..... Changes of spring tension you pull the SSG cartridge as an assembly, change screw length to hat distance and reinsert adjusting gap once more.

There is a "Centering" washer keeping stop rod centered within the previous threaded hole it now passes threw while keeping head of stop rod / screw falling within the center of allen head pocket.

All done the SSG works the treat in having the hammer spring chosen to be under some pretension and this has the "energy" delivered sending hammer against valve more consistent lowering ES figures.

In all likelihood THIS IS NOT REQUIRED for typical Big bore applications ... but in smaller bore guns where the breathing potential of these MAGNUM PCPs needs a bit more precise power adjusting this "Mechanical SSG" is likely a nice fine tuning trick one could apply to existing guns WITHOUT MODIFYING EXISTING PARTS  8) ..... Just make up some new parts & pieces and retrofit there locations.

This is a "HOW TOO" thread for self tuner / do it yourself folks ....
I will not be manufacturing these for sale, so please don't inquire.

Have fun !

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