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« on: July 28, 2017, 03:50:32 PM »
I fell into airgun collection by accident.  I buy from an online auction in the area & I picked up a Daisy 86/70 that was in great shape.  Had bbs in, so I shot it a couple times, fell in love with it & have been buying others (when affordable) since.  I had a bunch of questions, but didn't know how to get them answered so I began to look thru the internet for clubs or associations, that's how I found this website.  I'm planning to pass this collection to my grandson (when the time comes) so I wanted to find out if it's better to not fire a new piece.  I bought a Daisy 1894 that hadn't been shot, found out the seals had dried up & had to have them replaced.  Hopefully I'll learn from this website how to survive in this hobby.  I'll leave my other questions for when I learn the website a little. 

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Re: Newbie
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Welcome to the Airgun Guild!!
Great people and lots of information here on the forum.
Glad you found us.



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Re: Newbie
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Welcome aboard and "do it do it do it  looking out the back door"


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Re: Newbie
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Welcome to the Guild. I'm not a vintage collector so I couldn't help you out with your questions, but they'll be someone here with some advice for ya.

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Re: Newbie
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CC&Rs Well, we all have them, don't we?

Welcome. You'll love it here, especially so if you sport facial hair!
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