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I knew I liked you!

Thanks rick.
PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Re: NPT to BSP fittings
« Last post by d_boom on Today at 02:21:14 PM »
Thanks for your help, the micro hose with 1/8" NPT connections would be the best deal, but I had already
purchased the Huma microbore hose.  I did another search on the internet and got lucky - Malone Specialty
Co offers male adapters 1/8 NPT to 1/8BSP and 1/4 NPT to 1/8BSP among many other options, but there
is that $25 min., so bought 2 of each for spares.  Fitting I purchased are rated at 5000 psi and are made
from steel not brass.  SS steel is also available, but at a much higher price. 
#10    Some say a buna last longer than the OEM. I don't know I don't own a Mrod.
PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / .25 caliber, Benjamin Breach O-ring
« Last post by Alan on Today at 12:46:05 PM »
I think the standard number is 020, but I can't find my notes. It is .25 ID, and .375 OD. Turns out, this is the same o-ring that fits inside a female Foster fitting. And I don't know if Viton or Nitrile is the best material is use.

A little help if you don't mind.

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / NPT to BSP fittings
« Last post by d_boom on Today at 06:09:20 AM »
My fill adapter which came with my scuba tank (Din 300 fitting) has a large diameter hose which wastes air when I refill.
I purchased a Huma microbore fill hose to replace the the large diameter hose to conserve air.  My problems is how to
adapt the Huma microbore hose with female 1/8BSP coupler on both ends, the fill adapter which uses female 1/4NPT
threads.  The Foster female adaptor has female 1/8 NPT threads again I need to go from  female 1/8 BSP to female
1/8 NPT threads.  Help, the web sights selling air tanks for airguns I have visited have nothing available.
Alan's Corner / Re: Notes On Hunting
« Last post by Jackene on October 21, 2018, 08:03:12 PM »
Thank you Alan for a great article. As an ex jarhead, I've shot almost everything shootable, but just "discovered" airguns. Really into them, but still learning. Love the fact that the shooting range is now aka my backyard!
One thing I find interesting is the fact all of your guns are .22 caliber. Nothing wrong with that, but to achieve the power of say a .25 caliber, you have to use heavier pellets. As you discovered with the Bullmaster, heavier isn't always better—accuracy-wise that is.

The idea that a rapid second (or more) shot can be made, is the only reason I might buy one. The reason I wouldn't, is the trigger. The last Hatsan I owned (AT44 L), had the same issue. I wish you luck on your trigger mods, because I sure didn't have any luck with the AT44.

I should admit, that when it comes to triggers, I'm spoiled! My Cobra's factory-equipped, Timney, Calvin Elite trigger group is one of the finest money can buy.

I do understand the gun hasn't been "Hajamized", but even for a stock gun, the groups should be better than you're getting. The Gen 1, .22 Marauder I once owned, was a tack holer right out of the box. Perhaps I was lucky.

Nice video, by the way.
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