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Airgun Optics and Accessories / Re: New FFP Scope on the way
« Last post by ShawninIL on Today at 04:39:45 PM »
Check out the SWFA line, a lot of scope for the money.
Airgun Optics and Accessories / Re: New FFP Scope on the way
« Last post by Alan on Today at 01:07:58 PM »
Final report? I sent it back to Amazon. There were several issues once I got a chance to try it in full daylight. Not good, as the FFP reticle has aberrations (fuzzy edges) at high power, unless your eye was dead center. If my guesstimate was close, you could easily miss a 75 yard shot because of the aberrations.

What I want now is, a 3x9 (40?) FFP with a decent MOA reticle. I can have it made, but the cost would be more than the Cobra I want to use it on. Oh Well!
Bet I'm the only guy who has ever fired his barrel through the Chrony....  :o

I sleeved a barrel with a carbon-fiber tube and then installed it into the receiver with three set-screws, tightened securely against the carbon shell.... The first time I fired it, the barrel came out and flew the length of my shop, skidding to a stop against my target backstop.... After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I went and collected the barrel, and here is what I found....

The carbon-epoxy laminate is very hard (so the screws feel tight).... but has little shear strength.... There was a 1/2" OD O-ring that the end of the barrel seated against in the receiver, so the force on the end of the barrel was the area of that, less the area of the .257 cal bore.... at least 442 lbf. at 3000 psi (maybe 588 lbf. if the barrel started to launch before the pellet moved).... That just stripped the screws right through the outer layer of CF.... I drilled through the CF tube and set the screws into pockets in the steel for the second shot, and no more problems....


and NO, I didn't get a Chrony reading on the barrel....  ::)

Airgun Ammo / Re: .25 cal 34-38 gr. Pellet Mould at NOE - In the Store
« Last post by tkerrigan on Today at 08:36:25 AM »
Just paid for mine.  Regards, Tom
Airgun Ammo / Re: .25 cal 34-38 gr. Pellet Mould at NOE - In the Store
« Last post by rsterne on Today at 07:17:22 AM »
These moulds are now available....

If you participated in the Group Buy, you should get your Discount Code shortly via PM....

At about 10 years old I had my trusty Daisy 1994 and 600 acres of dairy farm to create mayhem. I was fascinated by the little discs of glass that would sometimes be made when striking bottles, windows, etc. with a bb gun. My stepfather had a 55 Chevy parked in a field (which I assumed was trash)  I put the barrel of the gun up to the rear window (all glass is of course intact on this car) and tried to knock out one of those neat little discs. Of course that didn't happen; the whole window spider webbed and fell into the back seat.

I hosed down the staging corral at the milk barn for 25 straight days before school.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: The goofiest thing you’ve done...
« Last post by Gerard on May 22, 2018, 10:27:20 PM »
No thanks, I can visualize it well enough. Ouch!

Let's see, confessions...

- When I was 7 and the very proud owner of a lever action, 300 shot BB gun (the fat barrel shroud was a reservoir for BBs around the soda straw barrel - a baby rattle of a rifle every time I'd load a shot), I had a bully of an older 'friend' who was always finding ways to get me into trouble. One sunny afternoon a female cousin the same age as me wandered up to where we were standing around, me with my Daisy. 'Friend' convinced me to shoot my cousin in the butt. I took some convincing. Argued for a couple of minutes. Really didn't want to get in trouble. But I was a softie and ended up doing it, and got in a LOT of trouble. She had a little blood blister on her backside.

- A few years later I'd graduated to a break-barrel Czechoslovakian .22", which was somewhat accurate. At age 10 I was trying to become something of a hunter with the thing, practised a lot of standing shots. One chilly winter day I was in the yard, trying out different holds with my left hand, and noticed that the further out I held the rifle, the steadier my sight picture became. So I just kept going... and eventually fired a shot just as the web of my finger and thumb slipped up part way in front of the muzzle. Heck of a blood blister for me, but luckily that rifle wasn't all that powerful, so didn't quite break the skin. Told my mother it was a ricochet off the steel pipe on at the end of the clothesline. Don't think she bought it.

- When I was 14 I'd become quite a good shot, had upgraded to a more powerful Diana in .177", and could pretty well hit whatever I meant to hit. Was hanging around with my younger brother, both of us looking for things to shoot at, when a little yellow finch landed atop our tall pine tree about 25' away and 25' up. Singing its heart out, stupid teenaged me only saw a target. So I turned to my brother and said 'Hey, watch this!' and turned back towards the bird, rifle hanging by my side. I swung it up and shot from the hip, grabbing the thing with my left an instant before pulling the trigger. That little bird dropped lazily down through the pine needles and sang no more. Not a goofy thing really. More an awful thing. And I was deeply ashamed, and I called a friend who I knew wanted that rifle badly and offered it to him for $13. He came over right away and I didn't shoot any sort of gun outside an amusement park arcade for about 35 years. Back into it for some years now and greatly enjoy shooting, but I'm careful about it in my middle age. Wouldn't want to hit anything I'd regret.
Airgun Ammo / Re: .458 Choices
« Last post by steveoh on May 22, 2018, 09:02:44 PM »
Thanks Bob, this is awesome.

I have had this poweritus thing where I want big numbers for FPE. Now I see the errors of my way.

What I really want is accuracy at distance. I will not be happy until I’m whacking a 3” round target at a 100yards at will. 200 yards would be mighty awesome also. But getting two, three or more goods shots is a desire also.

I think my particular DAQ .458 maybe wants a long pointy bullet, or a long flat point bullet would make it happy also. The short fat squatty ones are not making it happy. Well at least with me behind the trigger.

I got an extra spring for the .58 DAQ. With the intention of having a spare so I could mess with one as you are suggesting.

Anyway, good stuff!

I had a DAQ .308 Exile, and it was WAYYYYYYYYYY oversprung.... Stock it got 3 shots of 836, 786, 742 on 1200 psi of air with 120 gr..... I compressed the hammer spring fully to "set" it, which shortened the LOA from 5.44" to 4.50" and reduced the cocking force from 28 lbs. to 20 lbs.... After ONLY than change I could get 5 shots of 833, 832, 824, 811, 792 on 1000 psi of air.... Both were with 3000 psi fills.... Note that my 5th shot was faster than the 2nd shot stock.... Efficiency went from 0.38 FPE/CI to 0.88.... It looks like your .458 suffers from the same problem.... Try setting the spring a bit at a time, check your shots, and if necessary keep going until it is completely compressed (coil bound).... Record the LOA each time in case you go too far, you can always stretch it out again.... If after setting the spring completely you still have a descending shot string, then shorten it a coil at a time....

I have never used my Hayabusa other than just in my shop during initial testing.... It has a 500 cc 250 bar bottle feeding a 140 cc plenum, so the total volume available is 640 cc (39 CI).... When tuned for a 7 shot string from 3620 psi I get 901-939-904 with a 216 gr. bullet, for an average of 408 FPE at 0.96 FPE/CI, ending at 2510 psi.... For 5 shots, same bullet, I can average 437 FPE (954 fps), for 0.86 FPE/CI, ending at 2680 psi.... With a 336 gr. bullet I can get 7 shots averaging 800 fps (477 FPE).... All strings with 4% ES.... It peaks at 551 FPE with the 336 gr., with a declining shot string....

General Airgun Forum Discussion / The goofiest thing you’ve done...
« Last post by steveoh on May 22, 2018, 08:53:13 PM »
Name the goofiest thing you’ve ever done with an airgun that made you slap your own head, avoid mentioning it for all the embarrassment it would cause you, or make you laugh at your own silliness.

Time to confess.

When I was a kid I came close to closing my Diana break barrel on the web of my hand many times, until I finally actually did it. And yep it hurt like hell, and yep I hollered, and yep 50 years later I still have the scar. Wanna see?
Dana's Webb / Re: Airgun Varmint Hunt
« Last post by steveoh on May 22, 2018, 08:39:57 PM »
Ohhhh this is the good stuff. And what Hajimoto said!
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