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Big Bore Airguns / Re: Bulldog may be getting a bad rap.
« Last post by ShakySarge on Today at 05:48:18 PM »
I agree that many big bores are quite fickle and that some folks expect out of the box excellence which rarely happens it seems. To be honest, the bulldog was pretty much what I expected. Had it not been for seeing the lack of land and groove markings I may have gone ahead and thrown in the towel myself. I agree wholeheartedly that accuracy is the number one priority. I will continue to make small changes for peak performance with what I can do personally and to be honest, if I don’t get better results I am perfectly content as it is now. Sizing and plenty of contact with the lands and grooves seems to be the ticket with many big bores whereas a dome pellet does just fine in the smaller calibers.

I still have a couple more cast bullets on the way to try out and as the barrel is seasoned it’s taste may change.

Sorry that you’re having issues with your big bore Alan. Don’t give up yet though. Try contacting Richard Krebs at He may be able to help you out. Worth a shot at least.
Big Bore Airguns / Re: Bulldog may be getting a bad rap.
« Last post by Alan on Today at 05:26:20 PM »
I have a Korean Freedom 202 which doesn't like ANY slug. I have sample lots of 87 through 225 grainers, both in bullets and pellets. Nothing shoots in that gun! 50 yard groups at about one inch are fine for pig, but a distance gun, it is not!!!
Hajimoto's Airgun Annex / Re: Chipmunk Smack Shot (Video)
« Last post by hekk187 on Today at 05:24:51 PM »
Great video!
i like what you are doing with the Guantlet...Makes me want to get one.
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: What's the Worst airgun model name?
« Last post by Alan on Today at 05:20:57 PM »
Slyly said!
Even though it's someone's name, I'm going with a brand name. Quackenbush. Not only is a brand of air gun, it's also what my ex wife had after doing too much yoga.
I think I'll have to go Bulldog. Great marketing and it totally fits the product. A bullpup that's just butt-ugly (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)  A rugged looking, all business, hunting machine. The bulldog. Just the name, concept, and appeal almost had me buying one. Glad I didn't though because the range is more limited than I would have liked.
I don't know about the best, but a few candidates for dumbest:

Benjamin anything SBD.  We all know what our first thought is

Diana Stormrider.  Stormrider??!!  Where the heck did that come from????

Benjamin Rogue was actually a cool name when it applied to potentially powerful midbore. 
I kind of like Sumatra and Recluse, can't say why.
Air Wolf is a sold winner. Impact is pretty good too.
Big Bore Airguns / Re: Bulldog may be getting a bad rap.
« Last post by Steelhead on Today at 04:43:55 PM »
Nice! Well done. One thing I like about air guns is that it's not a competition. Unlike fishing and hunting nobody will be there to 'crowd you out' if you share info about airgun improvements. There's really not much benefit to keeping valuable info to yourself, especially on newer products like the Bulldog.

There's guys that can get it to shoot and you sound like you've already solved a lot of the problem with finding a kibble it likes to eat. Once you get the consistency down (sounds like you're either there or really close) it just comes down to hold sensitivity and air pressure. My Texan's groups tightened up a lot by getting off of the bipod, but I never figured it out until I had found a great slug and the sweet spot on the air pressure.

Speaking of bad raps, do you think it's possible that big bores in general have a reputation for being fickle? I seems so, much more than .25 and under. I know for me personally the huge range of ammo that can be used can lead one astray. It's overwhelming, especially with a new gun. You want to shoot it all, but the variables involved (power, air pressure, bullet/pellet weight) are all over the map and the combinations are endless. I think that has a lot to do with the 'this gun won't shoot' syndrome. If you want turnkey performance right out of the box, it isn't happening. That is unless your expectations are somewhat low and you're content with 1.5" groups at 50 yards, and some may be ok with that. Or you have some inside knowledge (a buddy perhaps) that has already gone through the bad stuff and you get to skip some of it.

The biggest difference to me between big bore and small bore is the way that they are approached. BB is trying to rein in the power and get it to perform at a consistent and acceptable level. It's not about 'making 'power, it's about harnessing it. SB is all about accuracy first, and power second. Yes, power is always a factor but the focus is on tight groups and modding to make more power and fpe without forsaking accuracy. They're essentially opposites.

Part of the appeal of big bore is solving that puzzle and figuring out how to use the tools you have to make the unit work for you. Besides that, blowing s**t up, the shock and awe factor, and the long range is just cool.  ;D ;D ;D
Although I don’t own one I am a huge fan of the daystate wolverine. A fitting name for such rifle.
Big Bore Airguns / Bulldog may be getting a bad rap.
« Last post by ShakySarge on Today at 04:02:38 PM »
After a couple of years pondering whether or not to buy the Bulldog, and after reading so much leaning towards and away from it, I went ahead and purchased one. I was not impressed with accuracy and power at first. To be honest, the pellets shoot absolutely horrible out of mine. I shot the first three of the Benji Noslers that came with it and although it at least grouped at 50 yards, I set about to tinkering. I removed the valve spring ported the barrel port and valve to .255. After reassembling and checking for leaks turned the hammer adjustment all the way up(in). The way I see it is go big or go home, yet not so much with boring things that can’t be put back!

The next three shots gave me a “meh” 1.5 inch group at 50 with the 143gr. I went and recovered one of the rounds by sheer luck and found minimal marks from rifling. I knew that the platform was capable of better and by golly I wasn’t about to give up on what was an almost 700 dollar gun. I pondered for a couple days as to what to do next and while reading through some threads on here and another site I noticed that the number .358 kept being tossed about. I went on a buddy’s casting page and asked if anyone was casting specifically for the bulldog and I eventually got a bite.

It’s an up and coming small business and he was preparing to go live on the web in the next few days which he has as of today. He made me the offer of sending me a 25 round sample of every .357 he has if I simply paid shipping. I did so and in two days I received 100 rounds of .358 sized cast hollow points all neatly placed in trays, wrapped, boxed and labeled. I was certainly impressed right out the gate.

The same afternoon I went down to my piddly range and tried each size at 30 yards. The first two, 81gr Nomad HPs and 126gr Viper HPs didn’t do well at all. Not that they’re bad bullets, they just didn’t perform well in my barrel. The next two, 127gr Bandit and 150gr Anvil were superb and literally stacked up just under 1/2” groups.

I moved out to 50 yards and while the 127gr opened up to about 1.5 inches the 150gr stayed to where they were all at least touching if not overlapping other than me moving my POA like an idiot!

I have more plans in the near future such as chrony testing and possibly porting it out more as well as a pickle and some barrel stabilizers that are already on order. I will post updates as I continue to tinker and improve the platform.

It just goes to show that you can’t always believe everything you hear or read and that sometimes you just need to experiment and keep trying. After all, quitters will NEVER win....
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