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I'll Guess 60 for reasons that will remain my own.!!

Michael :- )

YEAH!  Well, if I had two more guesses I'd guess 59.99 and 60.01 just to mess with you.  Sadly I already used my guess in the middle of the pack.  LOL.

Thanks for that Bob!
Michael :- )
I'll Guess 60 for reasons that will remain my own.!!

Michael :- )

YEAH!  Well, if I had two more guesses I'd guess 59.99 and 60.01 just to mess with you.  Sadly I already used my guess in the middle of the pack.  LOL. 
Although I plan on running the .257 barrel on the unregulated gun, while I had the upper removed to try the 6 mm on it, I thought I would try the .257 upper on the regulated lower.... It had a slight leak in the transfer port area, but I did my testing anyways.... Here are the results for the 73.5 gr. Lyman 257420 at 2800 psi....

At 5% below the maximum velocity I was at 894 fps (130 FPE) at 8 turns of gap on the SSG, and the efficiency was 1.17 FPE/CI.... While that is similar to what I was getting on my .257 Hayabusa, it was a little below the 1.28 FPE/CI I got on the previous testing, which I attribute to the leak.... I was either losing a bit of velocity (likely), using more air (unlikely), or both.... but no question it would affect the FPE/CI either way.... If I was going to set this gun up as a regulated .257 I would likely bump up the setpoint pressure to 2900-3000 psi, although that may not be necessary with the 66 gr. HP version I have of this bullet, it might well shoot better at this pressure....

This pretty much completes the basic testing of these two guns.... I am extremely pleased with the results for both power and efficiency.... The plan is to put the 6 mm upper back on the 2800 psi regulated gun and run the .257 barrel on the unregulated version, and tethered it at 3800, but tune it for a few shots off tether.... All I hope now is that the snow disappears before the Motel gets too busy so that I have a chance to see how they shoot....

I'll Guess 60 for reasons that will remain my own.!!

Michael :- )
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: What is your favorite airgun?
« Last post by Steelhead on Today at 11:35:16 AM »
I'm laughing so hard right now I could cry! I've been on vacation for a week and I just saw Steve's video. I got to see the results of that one for a while. I love how long it takes..."don't rub it, don't rub it, OMG it hurts, don't rub it, don't rub it, I HAVE TO RUB IT!" I had no idea that was recorded!

I thought long and hard about the original question. I only own three and the obvious answer is the Texan. However, I'm going to go with my Benjamin Prowler .177 with a UTG 4x32 wide angle mil dot scope. I bought it on a whim a couple of years ago for plinking and pesting and followed some online advice to chuck the scope it came with. It started me looking for more info on airguns and...voila! I'm now hooked. So I'm going to give the 1st place to the 100% reliable, accurate, no frills piece that got me started. It's not as powerful or accurate as my others, but I can pick it up with no other accessory and just get it done when the need calls.

Having phone camera issues so no picture...nothing special though. Except to me!
General Airgun Forum Discussion / Re: Baseball caps with logo
« Last post by Briar Patch on Today at 11:31:51 AM »
It looks like this may be on the back burner for a few weeks, nevertheless - I'll certainly commit to buying one.

If I get one and like it - I would certainly buy more.  I like quality hats.
I keep 3 on my hat rack.
I've got to have one for working in the yard ~ sweat stains   
One for everyday.
One for special occasions - you know, like wearing to church, black tie events or on my wedding anniversary.   ;D 
I'll do you one better than that. My Octane was so bad, I had to give it away, and even the guy who got it didn't want it! Right Joe?
PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Re: Aligning a Hatsan Air Stripper
« Last post by calinb on Today at 10:35:05 AM »
Actually, that one was the one I copied (except for the wood) and I thought I'd seen it here on the Guild first, so I replied here rather than GTA (and I am looking to participate in a new forum and I love "Ask Bob" and the "Prove It" Challenge here).

In my coarse testing of the Exact Heavy pellets, I found two sweet spots (at 3 turns and 5 turns). 2-3/4 turns looks even better, initially, but I'll fine tune later and see which position is best when I get more Exact Heavy pellets.

I ran out of those pellets but only got my coarse testing done up to 1-1/2 turns with the 8.44 gr. Exact yesterday in freezing weather. Now it's snowing again and we have snow covering the ground here north of Kettle Falls / Colville again today. You're probably getting even more white stuff up your way than here!
Ask Bob / Re: Huma regulator for my Gamo Urban .22
« Last post by rsterne on Today at 09:52:17 AM »
Sorry, I am not familiar with the Coyote.... but when you installed the regulator your hammer spring became too strong for the job, so you are correct in looking for a lighter one.... There are lots of springs available from companies such as Century Spring or even McMaster-Carr, it is a matter of finding some that are the same diameter and length but made from smaller wire.... There is an alternative that may also work well, particularly if you can get a spare Coyote spring as a backup....

If your velocity is too low, then increase your setpoint pressure a bit until it is a bit higher than you would like.... It is normal to get a lower velocity when regulated as the peak when unregulated (because the pressure is lower), so don't expect too much.... Shorten your existing spring a coil at a time, and check the velocity each time (just a shot or two, you don't need to shoot a whole string).... When the velocity starts to drop, then start cutting only about 1/4 turn at a time until the velocity is 3-5% below the plateau (maximum) veloicity.... That should give you the best balance between power and efficiency at the setpoint pressure you are using.... If you plot a graph of velocity vs. preload you will get something like this....

The ideal tune on that gun is at about 5 turns out from coil-bind on the spring.... but you might end up using between 4.5 - 5.5 depending on your results.... You would be shortening the spring, and if you go too far, you can shim it back up, or replace it with your backup spring, cut slightly longer.... One other thing.... do NOT worry if you end up with no preload on the spring and it actually rattles around between the hammer and rear spring seat when the gun is not cocked.... That is what we call an "SSS" (short stiff spring) and is effective at eliminating hammer bounce, which conserves air....


Nice job on the adjustable stripper alignment tool.... I made a similar one....

I was chicken and made the part that fits inside the rifling from wood.... but you are correct, using a soft aluminum alloy would be just fine, and a LOT easier to make accurately.... The gap certainly does make a difference....  8)

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