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Oh yeah.  I'm very aware of YouTube's shenanigans.  I know of lot of YouTubers who got hot very hard.  At least there are options.  Vimeo and Dana's


Problem with the hosting sites you mentioned is exposure, or lack of. Be fine to post a video and link
 to a forum.......But to get thousands of views, YouTube is where it is at.......Vimeo FREE, allows 5 Gb total space.  Some of my longer ones are almost 1 Gb alone and I had 35 vid's already. To get 250 Gb   hosting space is $84 per year, am not really that interested. GOOGLE  the largest search engine there is, makes it easy to find things......

Well, I'm late this party.  No vid to be seen.  I'm pretty sure it was a good shot, so good on you, Carl.


Yes it was "GOOD SHOTS." Hit jug 4 times and about 10  all around jug.

In case you haven't heard, YouTube Eliminated SOME  entire Airgun accounts and shut them down. Others had a strike........They TOOK DOWN my last video I put up and gave me a STRIKE for 90 days and another one could take down the site. ANYONE can send a FLAG on any video and their TEAM says it VIOLATES COMMUNITY STANDARDS AGAINST PROMOTING DANGEROUS ACTIVITIES. To SAVE 3  yrs of airgun work and 34 videos LEFT, I made them all PRIVATE and only I can see them as of now... After cooling down for 3 months, will make them again PUBLIC!!!    Nothing  we can do. GOOGLE OWNS YOUTUBE, is anti-gun. We pay nothing to use it, so it is THEIR GAME and they make the rules........Sorry


Really outstanding Carl. You set the bar really high man

Thanks........But others will be doing same or better now that they know what CAN be achieved and more..........Carl

Nice shooting.
Are you sorting your bullets? If you sorted by weight I’ll bet you shrink those fliers to all within 18”.

I do weight sort my bullets and size them............Thanks............Carl

It works for me. That's flipping amazing shooting! Wow.

Thanks and glad it works............I always click video to see it working on my end anyway............Carl

I can't get the video to load!

The video is working on my end? Shows video in post?   Posted link again and video is displayed and works from my end? 
Let me know? If problem not in my control as both work on my computer.....Thanks for letting me know..........Carl

Over 1000 yds using 383 gr and 412 gr slugs....Yes they fly that far very well. I say in  Video 1065 yds. New rangefinder measuring in single pass gives 1070 yds. Also notice how close the misses are for this distance?..................Carl

Big Bore Airguns / Re: .257@Extreme Distances
« on: January 08, 2018, 09:57:30 PM »
I have 2 TJ barrels and are NOT ACCURATE. The Lothar BBLS are for pellets and .250" bore I believe and are choked so Lothar are not what you want..Doug Noble has some (TJ) and work for him and others have them too.. Is why I went to premium barrel as both mine the bore was not drilled straight, but then premium bbl has to be machined and fitted to work in Condor Frame. Airguns are NOT like Powder Rifles.....I shot F-Class to 1000 yds for years and No air rifle will give moa accuracy CONSISTENTLY at 400-500 yds, or mine don't. I can bang the steel easily on the RAMS at 500 meters, but paint white and see hits, and have shot moa but then shoot a group all over the steel.....I can  break CLAYS at 550-600 yds easily BUT Shoot  close with a lot of misses too?

I always shoot regulated off bench through external regulator. I got mine here  Need to scroll down 60% of page to see and have to call to order........Like $500.....For my 85 gr and 92  gr I use 3500 psi, and have 4350 psi CF TANKS..Lighter bullets I use less or what ever your barrel is best accuracy at. Mine was 92 gr 1005 fps, 85 gr 1025 fps, 74 gr 1050 fps......

Doug Noble for VALVE, HAMMER, Spring is about another $350. Doug's e-mail is   
Doug Noble (


Hi Mr Carl I have been inspired by your condor big time! Long range shooting is my forte I would like to carry it over to airguns instead of firearms. I'm newish to airguns after buying and modding a few and realizing there potential for power accuracy and how quiet they could be I am obsessed. It's way more of a challenge to shoot air rifles long range then buying a firearm and understanding moa's and using a ballistic calculator. My goal is to turn a condor into a long range airgun (up to 400-500yds with at LEAST moa accuracy.) I had a few questions if you don't mind. I will buy a condor this thursday. Can I use a .257 tj barrel or lothar Walther and get moa to even possibly sub moa accuracy? I understand you use a firearm precision rifle barrel is that necessary? Im very confused on how you get accuracy up to 1100 yds either unregulated because of the difference in elevation with your es or where you can get a regulator to allow a high enough bar for you to shoot at the speeds you need. If a regulator which one and which bar is it set to? Also if I want to shoot up to 400 yds with accuracy what would I need a certain fps? I am trying to contact Doug Noble hopefully I can find a way soon to contact him.

Long Range Shooting with Airguns / Re: 1000 yd Accuracy-.45 Texan-Video
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:09:39 PM » always.

Thanks for sharing,

Thank  You for commenting and  kind words......................Carl

Long Range Shooting with Airguns / Re: 1000 yd Accuracy-.45 Texan-Video
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:08:36 PM »
That is Amazing!! I keep seeing it and still Im amazed!!

Thank You. I have to admit after shooting powder rifles 67 years and started a quest for LONG RANGE AIR POWERED,  it even amazes me what a single PUFF OF AIR can do.......It wasn't easy or cheap getting there but is possible. Inputting my MAX air pressure  values in ballistic software, THE MAX RANGE MY GUN WILL SHOOT A SLUG, specifically my 412 grain with bbl at 35* elevation the bullet carries downrange to 2539 yds or 1.44 miles, and reaches a height of over a mile at 5340 ft and TOF is 37 seconds. Just info of what is POSSIBLE. Probably couldn't drop into an acre of land but I find it interesting anyway..........Thanks for commenting...


Long Range Shooting with Airguns / 1000 yd Accuracy-.45 Texan-Video
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:27:08 PM »
Shot this first part of October 2017.  People ask why don't you show firing of gun......I do here 2 shots full screen and then attempt to have Pic in Pic showing firing and camera at impact. IMO small portion is useless as target so far away one sees nothing.......Except staying on scope at least 4 seconds to see dust if hitting dirt??  Also at end give perspective of me standing beside that 24"  wide plate..... Pretty small for target with an airgun at 1000 yards believe me...........

Comments welcomed................Carl

Long Range Shooting with Airguns / Texan Shooting Half Mile-885 yds Video
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:27:50 PM »
Hi All,

Some extended range with my much modified Texan


Big Bore Airguns / Re: 900+ fpe-45 Texan-New Doug Noble Valve-VIDEO
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:26:23 PM »
Doug has a career, a family and a life. He does airgun stuff on the side as he has lathe, mill, welders etc..........He likes experimenting and doing something NEW. Repetitive stuff bores him eventually, as it does all creative people. ......He was interested in my project and is why he built the horsepower for TEXAN as no one had done it as well as  he did..........He really doesn't take orders to work on guns. What he does do is for some friends, or those who purchased his .257 valve and have a problem, he helps. He still sells his .257 valve, I have 3 of them too. Several years ago he did build some .257's for people and he had some for a couple of years. He told me he was going to get the last of that stuff gone and wanted to build  stuff for himself he thought up........So NO he doesn't take orders to fix/repair stuff.   

He works in the FILM INDUSTRY and works at times some very odd and extremely LONG HOURS and weekends......But also at times has a week or more off to do things HE WANTS TO DO or family things...But isn't in the repair business.........

Thanks for Kudos........It was a joint effort between us and the TEXAN...I had my vision, Doug provided the horsepower and had some suggestions after I started shooting it........It turned  out very well.....Looks good,  has more than enough horsepower and I shoot throttled down to 3500 psi and makes 760 fpe off benchrest shooting and is very accurate for and airgun.....Gun will probably show up at the AOA 200 yd EBR BENCHREST in OCT???


Big Bore Airguns / Re: 900+ fpe-45 Texan-New Doug Noble Valve-VIDEO
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:33:07 PM »
Absolutely never cease to impress. Really nice looking rig you got there, all custom I'm assuming?

Thanks for sharing,

Thanks. I really like things to work very well......I have stretched all in my life all the time...............Yes rifle is total custom........Nothing but frame and trigger in it are stock....Actually the hammer TUBE was airforce too......Everything was ordered or procured by me and DOUG NOBLE built the horsepower with his valve. Also his 125 gram hammer which is about .6" longer than stock, and works at minimum PW, actually takes up slop of stock form, so lots left  if needed.

Pics of gun I took 2 weeks ago.Click and will ENLARGE


Big Bore Airguns / Re: 900+ fpe-45 Texan-New Doug Noble Valve-VIDEO
« on: September 08, 2017, 07:26:31 PM »
Man, that's a lot of power for an airgun!

Hi all,

This is with AIR ONLY. Accurate Chrono mounted at same angle as barrel for CORRECT READINGS......Not fake ### as has been represented on web recently........ Click low right of VIDEO for FULL SCREEN


Yes it is but MAX PRESSURE was used ONLY to find what max fpe was............I use it around 3500 psi and it pushes 412 gr at 895 fps, 383 gr at 915 fps and 454 gr at 865 fps and are accurate, and is the real beauty of this valve........


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