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Airgun Hunting / Re: Rattus Rattus FallOffUs
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:01:31 AM »
Some still images...

Airgun Hunting / Rattus Rattus FallOffUs
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:51:51 PM »
A big Rattus Rattus with sizable jewels fell tonight to the Marauder .25. I had planned on using the Sumatra .25 with the ATN X-Sight, but the Sumatra has been less consistent than usual. So I grabbed the Marauder after the ding donger went off.

I headed out the door and one look made me think this one has evaded me once again. But I waited and a minute later it came back. Actually it may have been sitting in the shadows, but since I did not have the ATN on the Marauder all I can see is the area directly in front of the target. The ATN shows everything! I have an infrared light illuminating the two feeding stations.

I waited until I had a perfect headshot view, and once I did I let the pellet fly. Aimed for head, just above eyes. By the way the rat slumped over I knew it wasn’t getting back up. On examination, the pellet stuck just to the right of the left ear. Pellet exited 3/4 down the body, at the hip. I can imagine the damage the pellet did inside the rat.

Rat measured a bit over 16” including tail. Body was 8”. It was hefty to pickup!

Now it’s on the skunk path that goes under the fence.

I used to have dreams of losing guns that I actually have never owned. Of course I never found them either.

Same thing with exotic Italian motorcycles. Some I owned, some not. They’d get ripped off, I’d replace the stolen bike with another more exotic bike, and next morning it would be gone too. And I never found them.

That being said I think I’ll go climb in the attic and see if anything is up there.


Airgun Guild Forum Announcements / Emails announcing Giveaway
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:24:13 PM »
My humble apologies if folks are getting more than one email from us announcing the Benjamin Fortitude Giveaway or Give-Air-Way.

The server has frozen up on me twice now, and sent me double emails. Going to Plan B and use a dedicated emailer.


"MSRP is $570.00 Guesses must be between $0 and $570.00 Closest wins."

Maybe I'm missing something here but "closest" to what?

Sorry for being thick-headed ???


We will use a random number generator to pick a number between 0 and 570.00. Whoever has the closest number to the randomly chosen number wins the bundle of goodies. 


Ok sorry never mind

Easy to rectify. Post! Join the Conversation.  That's the whole point about the Giveaways is to get folks to engage and contribute. Believe me,  Alan or myself are not making money on this deal. We are doing this because we love airguns, and want to spread the news that airguns are cool.

I can guarantee you that the odds of winning a giveaway here are a gazillion times better than winning at the lotto, or another airgun giveaway elsewhere.

Contests, Give aways and more. / Airgun Guild Giveaway and Contest Rules
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:52:02 AM »
The entry rules for Air Gun Guild’s on-line contests

Members residing in areas where shipping an airgun is contrary to local laws, will be responsible for handling and/or additional shipping fees to an authorized agent.

You must be 18 years or older, as an adult signature all be required upon delivery; no exceptions!

You must be a member is good standing, and have a minimum of 25 legitimate posts.

Moderators and/or management members of the Air Gun Guild are ineligible.

We request that a donation be made to Air Gun Guild.

Entries will be based on the MSRP of the items being auctioned. Ancillary equipment (pellets, scopes, mounts, etc.) will not be included, but may be shown in the published total.

Answers should be in dollars and cents; $XX.xx. In other words, from a zero amount up to and including the MSRP.

Only one guess per member, and editing of the guess will not be allowed.

If a duplicate guess is made, the one with the earliest posting date will be used.

To select the winner, a Google-supported, random generator will be used to select the winner.

The winner will be posted (screen name and/or real name if known). Winner has seven days to respond. After that another random selection will be made.

Entry Rules subject to change between now and the beginning of any Contests or Giveaways. 

Dana's Webb / Re: Airgun Guild members
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:43:23 AM »
Hello all, has been a very busy few months and can only hope things slow down enough to spend some quality time on the forums. As some may know I made the decision to push harder this year to build my YouTube channel at MountainSport Airguns. The goal is to promote awareness and excitement in Airgunning and to bring some new faces to the sport. I realize the ownership here may have changed a few things but we are all still here for the pure joy of learning, sharing and having the camaraderie of fellow Airgunners. I plan to help the Guild in some larger scale promotions in the hope to bring more visitors and traffic to the site. Social media, video's and word of mouth are always great ways to promote the Airgun Guild. Hope everyone is well and getting some shooting in!!  :D

Here is a short hunting film to enjoy

Good man! I run my mouth non stop about the joys of air gunning. I think I've converted a few non-believers along the way, and hope to convert a whole lot more.

If someone has an Airgun Business there is no better return on investment than giving your time to the various airgun groups, by posting videos, giving away tips, procedures, and advice. Word of mouth is powerful Advertising.

Love your videos!

Contests, Give aways and more. / Benjamin Fortitude Contest / Giveaway!
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:34:49 AM »
The AirGun Guild a Benjamin Fortitude Contest / Giveaway!

About the Benjamin Fortitude  PCP Air Rifle
Precharged Pneumatic
10 round rotary magazine
Ambidextrous synthetic stock
Regulated 3000 PSI cylinder
On board pressure gauge
11mm Dovetail mount
Fully Regulated
Single-Stage trigger
Fully-shrouded barrel
Male Quick Disconnect fill fitting
Includes sling mounts

Caliber:   0.22" (5.5mm)
Max Velocity: 800 fps
Loudness:   2-Low-Medium
Barrel Length:   23.31"
Overall Length:   42.6"
Shot Capacity:   10
Barrel:   Rifled
Front Sight:   none
Rear Sight:   none
Scopeable:   11mm dovetail
Trigger:   Single-stage
Buttplate:   Rubber
Suggested for:   Small game hunting/plinking
Action:   Bolt-action
Safety:   Manual
Powerplant:   Pre-charged pneumatic
Function:   Repeater
Max Shots per Fill:   70
Body Type:   Rifle
Fixed/adj. power:   Fixed
Weight:   5.3 lbs
Cylinder Size:   135 cc
Shrouded:   Yes

Additional Items in the Benjamin Fortitude Air Rifle Giveaway:

4 tins of 16.13 grain JBS pellets. (.22 cal)
4 tins of PolyMags. (.22 cal)
1 partly used tin of RWS domes. (.22 cal)
3x9x32 UTG scope with front AO with rings.
6 new, and 1 used magazines. (.22 cal)

MSRP is $570.00 Guesses must be between $0 and $570.00 Closest wins.

Airgun Ammo / Re: Cast some .45 and .58 airgun ammo today
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:42:59 AM »
I am NOT a casting expert, but a few of those appear to be poured a bit cold. Or are they smoother than they look?

This is exactly my second time casting bullets, so I am anything but an expert. I'm more like a rank amateur. :)

My lead pot is just about maxed out in temperature setting. I will admit to not knowing what the lead temperature is, though I do have a thermometer ready to stuff batteries in.

The Minies were pretty rough. Remelted a ton of them. I'd dip the mold in the lead trying to keep it hot, but I don't think it worked. The wind was hooting, and getting chilly, and I'm sure the lead was cooling as it was pouring. Summer will be better for casting outside. Inside? Nope. Don't want lead and other stuff fumes floating around.

Airgun Ammo / Cast some .45 and .58 airgun ammo today
« on: February 11, 2018, 05:08:42 PM »
Cast a bunch of .45 (.457) and .58 (.575) for the 909s and the two DAQs.

Had the best luck with the Accurate mold for 2 x .58 and 1x . 45. These are similar to the EPP UG.

Cast some hollow point .45 using a Noe 4 x .45 mold. Had a bunch of wonky bullets, but that may have been because the temperature outside where I was casting got a bit chilly.

Also cast some .58 Minie Bullets using a Lyman mold. Never did get a great bullet out out of that. It has a hollow base so we’ll see if either DAQ likes them.

Cast a few .58 round balls to get warmed up. I now realize why folks pay for the quality of an Accurate or Noe mold. The Lee round ball mold is light weight compared.

I’m short two handles! Pain to change them out in the middle of casting, so I reckon I’ll be looking for a couple.

Overall I think the casting was a success and I had fun.

I put in a new poppet in my Sumatra the other day and it did the same thing. I pointed the barrel down, opened valve, and whacked the top of the gun at the receiver as it was taking in air. I heard the tell tail click of  what I think was the check valve. Bled and it’s behaved since.

Airgun Hunting / Re: Monster Rattus Rattus
« on: February 08, 2018, 06:45:25 AM »
You didn't shoot him!! Golly! Why not?

I was sleeping! He was back last night and I woke up about ten minutes after last visit of the night. He’s getting fat!

Airgun Hunting / Re: PCPs now legal for deer and turkey in Florida!
« on: February 07, 2018, 06:09:35 PM »
Regulation passed today. .30 minimum for deer. .20 mimimum for turkey. PCPs only. Starting Fall 2018.

Oh, goody! Next time I'm visiting FLA I'll come up your way, and I'm sure you'll want to take me deer and turkey hunting. :)

Let's see, Quackenbush .58 rifle, or Sam Yang 909s, or both?  (happy dance)

ok, will have to plan a trip during the season. :) Got folks up north of Ocala

I can and I will. I've got deer out the wazoo in my yard.

Airgun Hunting / Re: PCPs now legal for deer and turkey in Florida!
« on: February 07, 2018, 05:16:07 PM »
Regulation passed today. .30 minimum for deer. .20 mimimum for turkey. PCPs only. Starting Fall 2018.

Oh, goody! Next time I'm visiting FLA I'll come up your way, and I'm sure you'll want to take me deer and turkey hunting. :)

Let's see, Quackenbush .58 rifle, or Sam Yang 909s, or both?  (happy dance)

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