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$ 472.51 ... 

Bonus guess.  March 26th. 

Its a bit of work, but its not to hard for the admin to tie an account's post count to their access to certain boards and features.  I don't know if its possible to tie their account age to the the same way. 

On my fishing forums I set post count at three to not have to use anti spam to make a post and to prevent using personal messages at all.  It has cut down on spam posts for shoes, drugs and jewelry, and totally eliminated PM spamming. 

Ask Bob / Re: Correct thread sized tap?
« on: December 29, 2017, 06:48:48 AM »
To be fair most machinists I know would think I was talking about the drill (many object to the term bit) for a hole to be tapped if I said tap drill. 

If I said drill bit they might say, "A bit is either a lathe bit or a brace bit or a piece that goes between the teeth of a horse." 

Now technically a brace bit is a drill, but according to some machinists a drill is just a drill.  Its not a drill bit.  LOL. 

Drill Makes a Hole (Not all things that make holes are drills.  LOL)
Drill Motor Turns a Drill
Drill Press Turns a Drill
Hand Drill Turns a Drill
Brace Turns a Brace Bit

Its really not so much historical usage, but common vs shop usage and sometimes type of shop.  Many a young machinist will have no clue what a brace is because its not typically used in a machine shop.  He might think its the same as a gusset.  He would be wrong of course since a gusset is a piece of fabric that reinforces clothing.  LOL. 

Then there are the other things...  Go into your local box hardware store and ask for a star drill.  (Its not called a bit either LOL.)  Wait for the confused look on the face of the young associate trying to help you.  If he or she is quick they might say, "We don't have that brand, but we have DeWalt and Milwaukee."  LOL.  If you are lucky enough to find an older associate the light may dawn and they may say, "I don't think they make those any more." 

As long as I am off ranting in nowhere land how about a laser drill.  Or a sonic drill.

Ask Bob / Re: Correct thread sized tap?
« on: December 28, 2017, 08:49:42 AM »
That is of course the problem with descriptive nomenclature.  It sees drift over time based on usage.  A tap drill chart shows taps sizes and drill sizes.  I have one in in my quick reference binder I use in the shop.  A tap drill chart does not show "tap drills" as the existence of the chart would be redundant, but it does show "tap" drills.  LOL

You would be amazed how many people only know about hand taps, and think they are called starter tap and finishing tap.  LOL. 

Tap drills are pretty common in hex drive as cordless drill motors and cordless hex drives that seem to be where they are most often used to drill and partially plug a hole when it breaks off.  Came up in the ads at the top when I searched for Tap Drill.  Usually they are referred to in some form of "combination" in most consumer ads and catalogs. 

One of my old forum scripts, used to have the ability to automatically delete posts in a board after so many days, but I don't think that's a feature in the current release of SMF.  Might be worth a look see or to see if there is a mod that does that. 

Old classified ads also show up in search engine results sometimes. 

Ask Bob / Re: Correct thread sized tap?
« on: December 28, 2017, 08:05:01 AM »
"Tap Drill"  ?? 

I have a few tap drills, but with the drill tip and then the taper of the tap they are extremely long for their size.  I would think they would not work out well for adapters.  If you meant a tapered hand tap (not bottom or plug) then sure probably.  You can also start it with a tapered hand tap, and finish it with a bottoming hand tap. 

By the way a tap drill is considered a machine tap, not a hand tap, and inspite of the fact that the tap portion is spiral flute its still rarely (maybe never) used for applications where you are not drilling and tapping through. It has to be spiral flute to help clear the chips from the drill point.  They work well in a tapping head (within its speed range) where the material is thinner than the drill portion of the drill tap and the clutch of the tapping head can save you from expensive mistakes... Sometimes.  In a production environment you can have them custom made to your application. 

I happen to like machine taps even for hand tapping, but the average home shop is not likely to have more than a selection of hand taps.  I keep a small selection of spiral point, spiral flute, and forming taps in all my most commonly used sizes. 

If I was making adapter(S) I'd probably thread mill them with spiral interpolation and a single point multi flute thread mill before I took them off the mill, but that's really outside the scope of the average home shop (not all home shops of course). 

If I was doing them on the lathe I'd probably single point them, but that's a pain and just as time consuming as hand tapping unless you are really good.  (Yes I could thread an offset adapter block on the lathe.)  However, you will likely not have to worry so much about the one big issue with hand taps.  Making sure you get it started perfectly straight. 

I use my drill press, a vise, and a center in place of the drill chuck for a tapping guide if it has to be really good and I have to use a hand tap... or I can hand tap on the lathe too... or die thread.  Or machine tap at low speed. 

Anyway, getting it started straight is the big deal for any kind of tapping. 

Sorry.  Went off on a tangent there.  I was just curious if you really meant tap drill. 

Airgun Classifieds / Re: Foster - Probe Adapter
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:35:27 AM »
The Super Sonic was awesome.  When burned around active fish the strikes were arm wrenching.  No I don't make a mold for it.  I may at some time make a mold similar to it.  I think it would take a lot of experimentation to get that fish maddening buzz just right.

Some folks would tell me that a Rattletrap was a good substitute. I don't think so. Those little Sonics were so awesome on an ultralight outfit with 4lb test.

Back a few years ago I contacted Heddon, and asked about them re-introducing both flavors of Sonics, and the guy said, nope, the molds are worn out, and new molds would cost too much. That's a crying shame.  Seems like every time I went into a tackle store I'd leave with a half dozen new Sonics. Now I can buy them on eBay at $10 a pop or WAY More...

While still not the same as the Sonic you might like the smaller sizes of the Ratlin' Rapala better than the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap.  I use them both in slightly different locations and times.  Heddon does not come on my radar much any more.

Airgun Classifieds / Re: Foster - Probe Adapter
« on: December 08, 2017, 10:33:00 AM »
The Super Sonic was awesome.  When burned around active fish the strikes were arm wrenching.  No I don't make a mold for it.  I may at some time make a mold similar to it.  I think it would take a lot of experimentation to get that fish maddening buzz just right. 

Airgun Classifieds / Foster - Probe Adapter
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:35:31 AM »
This was the first foster probe adapter I made for my old Cricket.  Its made of 416 Stainless.  Its not perfect.  Its a hair too long.  That means if you push it in firmly all the way the o-ring is to close to the other side and it will not fill.  Just stop a little short of all the way and it fills fine.  I used as it is for months until I misplaced it.  Then I made another one that I passed along with the gun when I sold it.  The other day I found this one on my design desk. 

I don't know if the Cricket probe is the same as any other probe or not.  Sorry.  The Cricket is the only gun I have owned that didn't have the Foster style quick connect. 

Make an offer if you think you can use it. There is a guy selling adapters on Ebay made out of brass if you prefer.  Your offer must be more than shipping in a priority mail envelope.  I am not going to pay you to take it.  LOL. 

If you ask me to pack it some other way in some other packaging your offer is automatically rejected.  I have priority mail envelopes handy in the shop and its easy to ship that way for me. 

First image is of the probe.  The other image is just for fun.  You do not get a crankbait mold with the probe.  LOL. 

I have never seen the "starting pressures" of bullets listed, and while I won't argue with them,

Wouldn't that be the chamber pressures listed in the SAAMI specs? 

Sold Items / Re: Cricket .25 $1190
« on: June 29, 2017, 11:01:27 AM »
Sorry.  Its sold.  I don't visit here as often as I used to and I forgot to mark it sold. 


Sold Items / Re: Cricket .25 $1190
« on: June 09, 2017, 04:24:57 PM »

Sold Items / Re: Cricket .25 $1190
« on: June 09, 2017, 04:20:32 PM »

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Re: Bullpup Which one?
« on: June 09, 2017, 07:33:04 AM »

Sold Items / Re: Cricket .25 $1190
« on: June 09, 2017, 07:28:35 AM »
1.  I'll post some pics this afternoon.  Got an appt this morning. 

2.  I don't know.  Depends on the fill level.  At 300 bar around 50 or so.  Maybe more.  The gun says 300 bar, but the manual says 250 bar.  I think they don't want you storing it at 300 bar.  When I know I am going to be shooting I fill it to 300. 

3.  Yes.  Shot speed is pretty consistent. 

 I do not think I have the original box, but I'll look. 

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