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Hello everyone,

I have an old Falcon FN19 walnut skeleton stock .22 and with work and other hobbies it was in the closet for many years.  I just had it repaired but still do not shoot it much.  My new purchase of a custom Hatsan BT Carnivore .30 caliber with a laminate kind of field target inspired pistol grip adjustable check stock being tuned by B. Walton is what has really got me to slowly get reignited into shooting.  This new rifle is a very long time waiting but was told I would receive it finally in 2-3 weeks?  It will be fitted with a big scope and B.Walton's LCD.  Here is a pic of the stock just before it was sent back to Baxter to do his tuning, etc.

For me I just want to shoot targets for fun but improve my skills so that one day I might bag our Thanksgiving turkey with the new big bore Hatsan .30 cal? 

I noticed there have been some recent Norcal guys so I would love to get to know others as we are in a state that is very anti-gun in general and thus far it seems that being a big bore air rifle owner is even more obscure here in Norcal?

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